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Miriways (TWV 21:24) is an opera in three acts by Telemann given on 26 May 1728 at the Hamburg Opera at the Oper am Gänsemarkt. The libretto is by Johann Samuel Müller [de]. The opera is set in Persia.[1]

Müller took his plot from current news from the Middle East – in the form of an inaccurate account of "Miri-Ways", the Pashtun emir Mirwais (1673–1715), published anonymously in German in 1722. The account attributed to Mirwais events, such as the conquering of Isfahan, which were actually the work of his son. Nevertheless Mir Wais became Miriways, titular king of the opera.

Edition and recording[edit]

  • Miriways – Markus Volpert, Ulrike Hofbauer. L'Orfeo Barockorchester. Michi Gaigg, cpo. 2013


  1. ^ The Turk on the Opera Stage: A History of a Musical Cliché, p. 31, Christoph Yew (2010). "In 1696 Reinhard Keiser composed Mohammad II [also Mahumeth II], another opera which is also based on historical events. After that, it took a while before the next Turkish opera was written. In 1728 Telemann's Miriways was first performed"

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