Mirjana Bjelogrlić-Nikolov

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Mirjana Bjelogrlić-Nikolov (Serbian-Cyrillic: Мирјана Бјелогрлић-Николов; born 1961 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia) is a Serbian television journalist and writer.


Mirjana Bjelogrlić-Nikolov studied at the Faculty of Philology of the University of Belgrade and graduated with Diploma. She has been working at Radio Television of Serbia for many years. The experienced journalist is now editor-in-chief of the editorial board for the cultural program of the public broadcasting corporation.[1][2]

The author of two prose volumes with short stories received the Isidora Sekulić Award for her debut work.[3]


  • Priče za dosadno popodne (Stories for a boring afternoon), Filip Višnjić Publishing, Belgrade 2007,ISBN 978-86-7363-517-0.
  • Šegrt lovca na vetrove (The Windhunter Šegrt); Službeni glasnik, Belgrade 2013, ISBN 978-86-519-1784-7.[4]


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