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The Mirning people are a group of Indigenous Australians whose traditional lands lie in the coastal region of the Great Australian Bight in the south-west of South Australia and bordering Western Australia.[1] They are relatively short in stature and practice rites of circumcision and subincision.[1] The Mirning language is called Ngandatha, from the phrase 'What is it?'.

The Mirning people were one of the founding members of the "People of the Whale", a project to research the relationship between whales and indigenous people.[2] Part of the project was the making of a documentary film, "Eyes of the Soul", which was conceived by Kim Kindersley and Julian Lennon in 1994; by 1998, the funding ran out and the film project was abandoned.[3] A new documentary called "Whaledreamers - The Gathering", about the tribes of indigenous people, was made in 2006.[4]