2008 Polish Air Force C-295 Mirosławiec crash

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Mirosławiec air disaster
CASA C-295 of Polish Air Force, Radom AirShow 2005, Poland.jpg
A CASA C-295 of the Polish Air Force similar to the accident aircraft.
Date23 January 2008
SummaryPilot error
SiteMirosławiec, Poland
53°22′48″N 16°06′39″E / 53.38000°N 16.11083°E / 53.38000; 16.11083Coordinates: 53°22′48″N 16°06′39″E / 53.38000°N 16.11083°E / 53.38000; 16.11083
Aircraft typeEADS CASA C-295
OperatorPolish Air Force
Flight originWarsaw Frederic Chopin Airport, Poland
Destination12th Air Base, Mirosławiec, Poland
State funeral of the crash victims
Memorial at crash site

The Mirosławiec air accident occurred in Poland on 23 January 2008 when an EADS CASA C-295 military transport plane crashed as it approached the Mirosławiec runway, killing all passengers and crew. The Polish Air Force plane had been flying from Warsaw to the 12th Air Base in Mirosławiec, and the 20 victims included high-ranking Polish air force officers.[1][2]

Although this was the first serious accident of a CASA C-295, after the accident all Polish C-295s were grounded until further notice.[3] In the subsequent investigations the primary cause of the accident was determined to be an inadvertent loss of spatial and situational awareness by the aircraft crew during the landing approach in poor weather conditions, with a low cloud ceiling and little visibility.[4] A number of secondary causes and contributing factors were also found by the investigation after the accident, including deficiencies in the air traffic controllers' skills and methods of directing and controlling the landing.[5]

The Polish defence minister Bogdan Klich dismissed five air force personnel after the accident investigation concluded that multiple failings contributed to the crash.[6]


From 1st Tactical Air Force Brigade in Świdwin

From 12th Air Base in Mirosławiec

From 8th Tactical Squadron in Mirosławiec

  • Maj. Grzegorz Jułga
  • Capt. Paweł Zdunek
  • Capt. Karol Szmigiel

From 21st Air Base in Świdwin

From 22nd Air Base in Malbork

  • Col. Zbigniew Książek

From 40. Tactical Squadron in Świdwin

  • Col. Wojciech Maniewski
  • Capt. Leszek Ziemski
  • Capt. Grzegorz Stepaniuk
  • Maj. Krzysztof Smółka from Air Force Command

CASA C-295M 019 crew

  • Maj. Jarosław Haładus
  • Lt. Robert Kuźma
  • Lt. Michał Smyczyński
  • Sgt. Janusz Adamczyk

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