Miroslav Macek

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Miroslav Macek
Personal details
Born (1944-12-07) 7 December 1944 (age 74)
Litomyšl, Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia
Political partyCivic Democratic Party

Miroslav Macek (born 7 December 1944 in Litomyšl, Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia) is a politician, writer and former deputy prime minister of Czechoslovakia. In May 2006 Macek made international news when, coming from behind, he struck the Minister of Health David Rath at a dentists' conference, accusing him of having insulted his wife (after Rath had publicly stated that Macek had married his wife for money).[1]


In 2017, he published his novel Saturnin se vrací (Saturnin Returns), a sequel to Zdeněk Jirotka's acclaimed novel, Saturnin.[2]

Books by Macek[edit]

  • Jak se stát labužníkem (2004)
  • Saturnin se vrací (2017)


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