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The Grand Miroslav Zei Award (Slovene: Veliko Nagrada Miroslava Zeia) is a scientific award in Slovenia awarded each year for outstanding scientific achievements in Biology. It has been bestowed since 2010 by the National Institute of Biology and includes a prize for achievements in research at the Institute and a grand award for achievements in Life and Environmental Sciences.[1]

It is named after Miroslav Zei, the eminent Slovene biologist.

Grand Miroslav Zei Award laureates[edit]

Source: National Institute of Biology

Year Recipient Reason
2010 Boris Sket his achievements in the field of zoology[2]
2011 Alenka Malej her achievements in the field ecology of littoral waters and marine biology[3]
2012 Jože Štirn his achievements in the fields of life and environmental sciences[4]
2013 Andrej Čokl
2014 Jadran Faganeli


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