Mirpur Bathoro

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Mirpur Bathoro Taluka
Mirpur Bathoro Taluka is located in Sindh
Mirpur Bathoro Taluka
Mirpur Bathoro Taluka
Location in Pakistan
Coordinates: 24°43′48.0″N 68°15′0.0″E / 24.730000°N 68.250000°E / 24.730000; 68.250000
Country Pakistan
TalukaMirpur Bathoro
Union Councils08
 • TypeTaluka Municipal Administration
 • Assistant Commissioner / AdministratorMR. Muhammad Ali
 • Taluka4 km2 (2 sq mi)
 • Metro2 km2 (0.8 sq mi)
Elevation39 m (128 ft)
Population (2017)
 • Taluka210,959
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+6 (PDT)
Area code(s)+298

Mirpur Bathoro Taluka (Sindhi: ميرپور بٺورو‎) is an administrative subdivision (taluka) of Sujawal District previously it was in Thatta District in the Sindh province of Pakistan, the city of Thatta is the capital.[1]


Mr. Muhammad Ali is Assistant Commissioner and Administrator of Mirpur Bathoro Taluka. Mirpur Bathoro Taluka is administratively subdivided into 08 Union Councils.

Mirpur Bathoro is a taluka in the Sujawal District, Sindh, Pakistan, located about 55  km southwest of Tando Muhammad Khan District and 50 km northeast of Thatta.

Coordinates: 24°43′48″N 68°15′00″E / 24.73000°N 68.25000°E / 24.73000; 68.25000

It has famous Villages Like Jhok Sharif (Shrine of Soofi Shah Inayat Shaheed, who fought for the rights of kissan (Sindhi: هاري‎) Farmers against feudal lords and Got Mortyr). Mirpur Bathoro City Taluka Headquarters, Daro City near River Indus, Bannu City on Left Bank of River Indus a Beautiful Valley Along Huge Big Khadee, Jhorar, Miranpur Forests Rich with natural Delta Resources. Also Mirpur Bathoro is birthplace of great saint Makhdoom Muhammad Hashim Thattvi, The saint born in Shoro Mohalla, Mirpur Bathoro, his tomb at great Makli Hills.