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A mirror is an object whose surface reflects an image.

Mirror may also refer to:


  • Disk mirroring (or RAID 1), a redundant array of independent disks in which the same data is written to all disks in the array
  • Mirror website, which merely duplicates content already available on some other website, usually as a web mirror or FTP mirror
  • Mirror (programming), a type of reflection mechanism in programming







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  • In the One Piece manga, a 1997 Devil Fruit user named, Brùlée, has the power to use and manipulate mirrors by using her devil fruit, the Mirror Mirror Fruit
  • In the Digimon Frontier anime and manga, a Digimon of the Ten Legendary Warriors and the Spirits of Steel, Mercurymon, has the ability to manipulate mirrors
  • In the Justice League (TV series), and the Justice League Unlimited animated TV series, Mirror Master has the ability to use and manipulate mirrors
  • In the Inuyasha anime and manga, a 1996 yokai demon named, the Mirror Demon, has the power to reflect another persons attack back at them with its sword and use that power against them to kill them
  • Mirror (Transformers), a character from the Transformers franchise



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