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Mirvish Productions is a Canadian based theatrical production company and promoter.

The company was founded in 1987 by David Mirvish, son of Toronto retailing icon and owner of the Royal Alexandra Theatre, Ed Mirvish.

The first assets acquired was the Royal Alex and slowly began to acquire productions and other theatres.

Since the collapse of Livent, Mirvish Productions is the largest theatrical promoter in Toronto and Canada. The company has also helped Toronto become one of the most important theatrical centres in the world behind Broadway and London.


Most of Mirvish Productions' theatrical shows were (and are) in Toronto:

From 1987 to 1998 the company promoted theatrical productions at the Old Vic, then owned by the company:


Toronto, Canada
London, U.K.

Real Estate[edit]

Besides entertainment, Mirvish Productions has branched out into real estates. Besides the theatres they owned, Mirvish Productions renovated an old bank office tower into the condo project known as One King West in Toronto, Ontario.

Financial Technology[edit]

In 2018, Mirvish Productions was the largest equity investor in the Series A financing of Toronto-based financial technology company, FundThrough. Mirvish Productions contributed $3.2 million of the total $34 million that was raised.[2]

This investment was a departure from the company's usual investments in art, theatre, and real estate.[2] However, David Mirvish cited a familiarity with FundThrough's business model, which provides businesses a cash advance on the value of their invoices, as being the impetus for his decision to invest.[2]


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