Mirwood Records

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Mirwood Records was an American record label founded by former Vee-Jay executive Randy Wood in Los Angeles in 1965.

The Mirwood label was a sister label to Mira Records. It primarily released rhythm and blues and jazz recordings,[1] and has been described as "among the definitive Northern soul labels".[2] Many of its records were written and produced by Fred Smith and arranged by James Carmichael, who (according to Jason Ankeny at AllMusic) "hone[d] a distinctive style all their own, creating soul music that was both relentlessly energetic and sweetly sophisticated, topped off by trademark vibes that evoked the otherworldly beauty of a Pacific Ocean sunset".[2]

The label found success with its second single, "The Duck", credited to Jackie Lee, actually Earl Nelson of Bob & Earl. Other artists recorded on the Mirwood label included The Olympics and Bobby Garrett, the other half of Bob & Earl.[3] The last singles released on the label were issued in 1968; several various artists compilations were issued in the early 1970s.[1]

Several compilations of Mirwood releases have been issued on CD.