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Mirza Kalich Baig
مرزا قليچ بيگ
Born(1853-10-04)4 October 1853
Died(1929-07-03)3 July 1929
Buland Shah, Tando Thoro

Mirza Kalich Baig (Sindhi: مرزا قليچ بيگ) was a scholar within Sindhi literature. He was born on 4 October 1853 in Tando Thoro on the bank of Phuleli Canal in Hyderabad, British India (present day Pakistan).[1]

Family chronicle[edit]

The lives of the Mirza family and their Georgian connections are a subject of the 2005 book A Georgian Saga: From the Caucasus to the Indus by family's scion Meherafroze Mirza Habib, Vice-President of All Pakistan Women's Association.[2]


He wrote 457 books in 43 disciplines, "including chemistry, physics, biology, zoology, plant sciences, Sindhi literature and anthropology", and in over eight languages, including Sindhi, Persian, Arabic, English, while he knew 25 languages as a whole.[3]

Mirza Kalich's books include:[4]

  • Maqalat-ul-Hikmat *
  • Khoodyari
  • Alamat-ul-Quran (Signs of Quran)
  • Bagh ae Bayani
  • Hashrat-ul-Arz
  • Zameen pokhin jo ilm ae Hunr
  • Keemya-e-Saaat
  • Dilaram
  • Zeenat novel[5]
  • Sao Pan Karo Pano (Auto-Biography)[6]


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