Mirza Fath-ul-Mulk Bahadur

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Mirza Fakhru
Crown Prince of the Mughal Empire
Ghulam Ali Khan 017b.jpg
Mirza Muhamed Sultan Sutteh ud-Mulk Shah, the Heir Apparent
Red Fort, Delhi, Mughal Empire, now India
Died10 July 1856 (aged 38–40)
Red Fort, Delhi, Mughal Empire, now India
SpouseRaffat Sultan Begum
Wazir Khanum
IssueMirza Abu Bakht
Mirza Fakhrunda Jamal
Daagh Dehlvi (stepson)
Full name
Fath ul-Mulk, Shahzada Mirza Muhammad Sultan Shah, Firuz Jang, Wali Ahd Bahadur
FatherBahadur Shah II
MotherRahim Buksh Bai Begum

Shahzada Mirza Fath-ul-Mulk Bahadur also known as Mirza Fakhru (c. 1816 or 1818 – 10 July 1856) was the last Crown Prince of the Mughal Empire.


A senior Prince of the Mughal Royal Family, he was the son of Bahadur Shah Zafar, the last Mughal Emperor, through his wife Rahim Bukhsh Bai Begum.[1][2]

Fath-ul-Mulk was named Crown Prince in 1853. However he predeceased his father, dying of cholera in 1856. Other sources suggest that he was poisoned.


Fath-ul-Mulk was an older brother of Prince Mirza Mughal and the younger brother of former Crown Prince Mirza Dara Bakht.

Fath-ul-Mulk married several wives and was the father of several children. Among his wives was Wazir Khanum, daughter of a rich jeweller and a well-known beauty of the time. Wazir Khanum had previously been married to Shamshuddin, Nawab of Ferozepur Jhirka, a relative and close friend of Mirza Ghalib, and she had borne Nawab Shamshuddin a son, the noted poet Dagh Dehlvi. After the Nawab was hanged for plotting and paying for the murder of British officer William Fraser, Wazir Khanum married Fath-ul-Mulk, and he thus became the step-father of Dagh Dehlvi, who would later became a famous poet.

Among Fath-ul-Mulk's own sons were Mirza Abu Bakht and Mirza Fakhrunda Jamal. Among his daughters was Sikander Jehan Begum, who was married to a sufi mystic and became the mother of two daughters and a son, Mirza Qutb-e-Alam.


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