Mis Canciones Favoritas

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Mis Canciones Favoritas
Chenoa Mis Canciones.jpg
Live album by Chenoa
Released April, 2003
Recorded 2003 in Barcelona
Genre Pop, Latin pop, R&B, Pop/Rock.
Label Jive/Zomba, Vale Music, BMG.
Chenoa chronology
Mis Canciones Favoritas
Soy Mujer
(2003)Soy Mujer2003

Mis Canciones Favoritas (En Concierto Acústico) is a 2003 unplugged acoustic performance by Spanish musician Chenoa released as an album and DVD.

Recorded in April, 2003 in Barcelona, it included some of her favorite songs, such as: Man in the mirror, Respect, Chain of fools or Love of my life. It was released on a limited edition of 100,000 copies for fans.

Track listing[edit]


  1. "Chain Of Fools"
  2. "El Tiempo Que Me Das"
  3. "Maybe This Time"
  4. "Love Of My Life"
  5. "Ain't No Sunshine"
  6. "Man In The Mirror"
  7. "Cuando Tu Vas"
  8. "Desnuda Frente A Tí"
  9. "Lía"
  10. "Respect"
  11. "Killing Me Softly"
  12. "El Centro de Mi Amor"


  1. "Chain Of Fools"
  2. "El Tiempo Que Me Das"
  3. "Maybe This Time"
  4. "This Can't Be Love"
  5. "Route 66"
  6. "Love Of My Life"
  7. "Ain't No Sunshine"
  8. "Man In The Mirror"
  9. "Cuando Tu Vas"
  10. "Desnuda Frente A Tí"
  11. "Lía"
  12. "Respect"
  13. "Killing Me Softly"
  14. "El Centro de Mi Amor"

Chart performance[edit]

Chart Peak Weeks On Charts Certification Sales
Promusicae 4 19 Gold 90,000+