Misaki Park

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Misaki Park
Location Misaki, Japan
Opened 1 April 1957 (1957-04-01)

Misaki Park (みさき公園?) is an amusement park located in the town of Misaki in Osaka Prefecture, operated by Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd. The park was opened on April 1, 1957, as the 70th anniversary for Nankai Railway.

Park outline[edit]

The park consists of an amusument park, a zoo, a dolphin show venue, and a large outdoor pool. The outdoor pool is open only in summer.

The park is near Misaki-koen Station on the Nankai Line.


Misaki-kōen Station of the Nankai Main Line

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Coordinates: 34°19′40.95″N 135°9′40.18″E / 34.3280417°N 135.1611611°E / 34.3280417; 135.1611611