Misanthrope (band)

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Misanthrope @ Paris 2013 (cropped).jpg
Misanthrope in 2013. Counter-clockwise: Anthony Scemama, Phillipe de l'Argilière, Jean-Jacques Moréac and Gaël Féret
Background information
Origin France
Genres Avantgarde metal, melodic death metal[1], progressive death metal[2]
Years active 1989 - Present
Labels Holy Records
Website Official site
Members Phillipe De L'Argilière
Anthony Scemama
Jean-Jacques Moréac
Gaël Feret
Past members see text

Misanthrope is a French metal band, formed in 1988. The name of the band is taken from Molière's play Le Misanthrope, reflecting the band's very theatrical style and the influence of the French dramatist on their music and lyrics.

The band's genre is difficult to define, but could probably be best described as progressive/technical death metal, somewhere along the lines of Opeth or In Flames, with a wide array of tempo and style changes. The band also makes extensive use of keyboards, and features clean, though tormented, vocals alongside the traditional death grunt.

Misanthrope was voted best French metal band by the readers of magazines Hard'N'Heavy in 1999,[citation needed] and by the readers of Hard Rock Mag and Hard'N'Heavy in 2000.[citation needed]



Current members[edit]

  • Phillipe De L'Argilière - vocals
  • Anthony Scemama - guitars/keyboards
  • Jean-Jacques Moréac - bass/keyboards
  • Gaël Feret - drums

Former members[edit]

  • Gregory Lambert - guitars
  • Jean-Baptiste Boitel - guitars/keyboards
  • Charles-Henri Moréac - guitars
  • Stephane Cros - guitars
  • Frantz-Xavier Boscher - guitars
  • Lionel Bolore - bass
  • Alexandre Iskandar Hasnawi - keyboards
  • Sergio Gruz - keyboards
  • David Barrault - drums
  • Olivier Gaubert - drums
  • Johansson Offhenstruh - drums
  • Alexis Phélipot - drums

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