Miscellanea Malacologica

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Miscellanea Malacologica  
Cover misc malacol.jpg
Discipline Malacology
Language English
Edited by M. J. Faber, R. G. Moolenbeek, A. N. Van Der Bijl
Publication details
Publication history
Marien Faber (Netherlands)
Standard abbreviations
Misc. Malacol.
ISSN 1573-9953
OCLC no. 86123684

Miscellanea Malacologica is a peer-reviewed scientific journal covering malacology, specifically papers on the taxonomy, nomenclature, and zoogeography of mollusks. The journal is published by Marien Faber (Duivendrecht, the Netherlands) and was established in 2004.

The name of the journal is Latin for "malacological miscellany". The journal is a large format publication with color illustrations. It is published on an irregular basis: from 2004 to 2012 it had from two to five issues per year.[1] The journal is abstracted and indexed in The Zoological Record.[2]


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