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Mischa Cotlar

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Mischa Cotlar in 1964

Mischa Cotlar (1913, Sarny, Russian Empire – January 16, 2007, Buenos Aires, Argentina)[1] was a mathematician who started his scientific career in Uruguay and worked most of his life on it in Argentina and Venezuela.

His contributions to mathematics are in the fields of harmonic analysis, ergodic theory and spectral theory. He introduced the Cotlar–Stein lemma. He was the author or co-author of over 80 articles in refereed journals.[2]

According to Alberto Calderón, Cotlar showed in 1955 "that theorems on singular integrals can be generalized and put in the framework of ergodic theory."[3][4] According to Krause, Lacey, and Wierdl, Karl E. Petersen in 1983 published an "especially direct proof"[5] of Cotlar's 1955 theorem.[6]

In January 1994 in Caracas, an international conference was held in his honor.[7]

Selected publications

  • Aritmética abstracta, Boletín de la Facultad de Ingeniería, Montevideo, Uruguay, 1937
  • Teoría de anágenos, An. Soc. Ci. Argentina, 127, 1939
  • Familias normales de funciones no analíticas, An. Soc. Ci. Argentina 129, 1940
  • Un método para obtener congruencias de números de Bernoulli, Math. Notae 7, 1947
  • On The Foundation Of The Ergodic Theory, Actas Symposia, UNESCO, 1951
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  • A combinatorial inequality and its application to L2 spaces, Math. Cuyana, 1, 1955
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  • Convolution Operators and Factorization, McGill Analysis Seminar, McGill University, Montreal, 1972
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