Miscou Island Lighthouse

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Miscou Island Lighthouse
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Miscou Island Lighthouse
Miscou Island Lighthouse is located in New Brunswick
Miscou Island Lighthouse
New Brunswick
LocationNorth-East Tip of Miscou Island
North-East terminus of Route 113
Gloucester County
New Brunswick
Coordinates48°00′33.6″N 64°29′34.7″W / 48.009333°N 64.492972°W / 48.009333; -64.492972Coordinates: 48°00′33.6″N 64°29′34.7″W / 48.009333°N 64.492972°W / 48.009333; -64.492972
Year first constructed1856 (first)
Year first lit1930s (current)
Constructionwooden tower
Tower shapeoctagonal tower with balcony and lantern
Markings / patternwhite tower and gallery, red lantern and trim
Tower height11.3 metres (37 ft)
Focal height14 metres (46 ft)
Range12 nautical miles (22 km; 14 mi)[1]
CharacteristicFl G 5s.
Admiralty numberH1552
CHS numberCCG 122
NGA number7368
ARLHS numberCAN-031
Managing agentDéveloppement Touristique de Miscou[2]
Heritagerecognized federal heritage building of Canada, national historic site of Canada, provincial heritage place Edit this on Wikidata

Miscou Island Lighthouse is an 11-metre (36 ft)-tall landfall lighthouse located on the North-Eastern tip of Miscou Island, at the entrance of the Chaleur Bay. It was built in 1856 and currently in use by the Canadian Coast Guard who owns the lighthouse, the land it is on, and also maintains it.[3] It was built due to the shipwrecks that happened each year that could be prevented by a lighthouse. James Murray from Newcastle won the bid to construct the lighthouse.[4] It is a federal Heritage Building that is open to the public to explore. In 2009 a parking area, washrooms, picnic area and a deck around the lighthouse was added.[5]

The light's characteristic is a single green flash that occurs every five seconds, emitted at a focal plane height of 14 metres (46 ft). It has a third-order Fresnel lens.[6] The original lens was shipped from England and arrived on October 10, 1856, and the person in charge of the only other lighthouse on the northern coast of New Brunswick, William Hay, was sent to oversee the installation.[7]

Smoke conductors were installed in 1860 due to the fact that the calm weather could not sufficiently clear the smoke from the lantern room. In 1874 a building was built which contained a steam fog whistle that had blasts of 5 seconds that were separated by 25 seconds of silence.

In 1946 the lighthouse was moved 200 feet inland.[8]

Light Keepers[edit]

Light Keepers Years active
George McConnell 1855–1877
Robert Rivers 1877–1902
Joseph L. Robichaud 1902–1912
John A. Ward 1912–1940
John Lester Marks 1940–1957
Arthur Chiasson 1957–1983
Robert Chiasson 1984–1988

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