Miserable (song)

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Miserable Lit.jpg
Single by Lit
from the album A Place in the Sun
Released April 17, 2000
Format CD
Recorded 1998
Length 4:15
Label RCA
  • A. Jay Popoff
  • Jeremy Popoff
Lit singles chronology
"Over My Head"

"Over My Head"

"Miserable" is a song from Lit's album A Place in the Sun.


Lit's vocalist, A. Jay Popoff, said that " 'Miserable' is basically about feeling like you need something really bad, and when you have it, it makes you feel like shit. Some people feel it's about a person, but it's not necessarily. It can be about addiction".[3]

Music video[edit]

The song had an accompanying music video, directed by Evan Bernard and produced by Keeley Gould, in which the band is portrayed performing the song on and around a huge Pamela Anderson, who wears a white bikini and platform shoes. The video begins by panning over Anderson's body and then reveals her to be enormous and the band performing on her rear as she lies on her stomach. The band is later seen hiking up her thigh and she waves at them.

With her foot casually poised in the air, the band stands on the bottom of her platform heels. As A. Jay sings about being "helpless", Anderson playfully shakes her high heels slightly, causing him to nearly fall off. This is followed by them performing on her head, her knee, back to her rear, and walking across her breasts. She begins swaying to the music as the band performs around her. Shortly afterword she starts eyeing them as she holds them in her hand, A. Jay swings his arm and Pamela's hair whips in front of her face that seems to imply he struck her, though she seems otherwise unaffected.

The band goes back to performing in front of her rather than on her before it cuts to her lying down and the band on her face.

While they are performing on her face Kevin is standing on her lips. She opens her mouth, causing him to fall inside and get swallowed. The other band members panic and run from her as she chases after them. She easily catches Allen and dangles him in front of her. He unsuccessfully attempts to plead for his life, but Pamela is unmoved and she eats him. Her next target is Jeremy, who is hiding behind a speaker. She creeps up behind him and positions herself right above him. Jeremy throws his hands up as if begging her to stop. Pamela inhales and slurps him into her mouth, then proceeds to spit out one of his shoes. Finally, after watching his brother and friends get swallowed, A. Jay is left, who she quickly grabs. She holds him by the collar of his shirt, which is pinched between her fingers, and gives him one final look. After that she tosses him into the air and catches the flailing A. Jay in her mouth and devours him. Having eaten all the men, she happily strolls off and the video ends.

Chart positions[edit]

Chart (1999–2000) Peak
U.S. Billboard Modern Rock Tracks[4] 3
U.S. Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles[5] 17
U.S. Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks[6] 29


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