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County-level city
Mishan, Jixi, Heilongjiang, China - panoramio (1).jpg
Mishan is located in Heilongjiang
Location in Heilongjiang
Coordinates: 45°32′N 131°52′E / 45.533°N 131.867°E / 45.533; 131.867Coordinates: 45°32′N 131°52′E / 45.533°N 131.867°E / 45.533; 131.867
Country People's Republic of China
Province Heilongjiang
Prefecture-level city Jixi
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Postal code 158300
Area code(s) 0467
Climate Dwb
Website http://www.hljms.gov.cn/

Mishan (Chinese:密山市) is a city in the Heilongjiang Province, China. It is under the jurisdiction of the prefecture-level city of Jixi.


Early medieval history[edit]

From 698 to 936, the kingdom of Balhae occupied northern Korea and parts of Manchuria and Primorsky Krai, consisting of the Nanai, the Udege, and descendants of the Tungus-speaking people and the people of the recently fallen Goguryeo kingdom of Korea. The vicinity of Tongjiang was settled at this moment by Funie Mohe tribes (Hanja/Hanzi : 拂涅靺鞨 pinyin :Fúniè Mòhé Hangul : 불열말갈). These tribes were submitted to Balhae Kingdom under King Mun's reign (737-793).

Later, King Seon (r.818-830), administrated their territories by creating a prefecture in the neighbourhood : The Dongpyong Prefecture (Hanja :東平府 Hangul : 동평부) with Yiju (Hanja :伊州 Hangul : 이주), present-day Dangbi (Hanzi : 当壁 pinyin :Dāngbì ) as its administrative centre.

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