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Mishik A. Kazaryan
Kazarayn mishik.jpg
Born(1948-02-28)28 February 1948
Died7 April 2020(2020-04-07) (aged 72)
Alma materMoscow Institute of physics and technology
Known forCreator of the most vivid pulsed laser for the visible region of the spectrum
AwardsState prize of the USSR
Scientific career

Mishik Airazatovich Kazaryan (Russian: Мишик Айрозатович Казарян; 28 February 1948 – 7 April 2020) was a Russian-Armenian physicist specialising in laser physics and optics, the winner of the State Prize of the USSR in the field of science and technology, foreign member of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences, member of the AM Prokhorov Academy of Engineering Sciences. Kazaryan was a creator of the brightest repetitively pulsed laser in the visible region of the spectrum.


Kazaryan‘s father, Airazat G. Kazaryan Gabrielovich, was a physician, who worked at the Yerevan Medical Institute; his mother, Serik O. Vanuni, was an honoured Doctor of the Armenian SSR, and an obstetrician-gynecologist at the Markaryan Yerevan Maternity Hospital.

In 1970 Mishik Kazaryan graduated from the faculty of general and applied physics of Moscow Phycotechnical Institute in specialty "Optics and Spectroscopy." Since 1970 he worked in P.N.Lebedev Physical Institute, and at the Department of Luminescence as the leading researcher. In 1975 he defended his PhD-thesis and in 1989 Dr. Hab. thesis. Mishik Kazaryan was conferred the professor title.

The main research fields of Prof. Kazaryan were related to the creation of powerful tunable lasers, the study of the basic physical mechanisms responsible for the implementation of the Kazaryan plasma 3D-effect, the construction of acousto-optical color television systems and devices, laser medicine, the study of the mechanisms of laser acceleration of microparticles, studies of light-induced phenomena at multiple dynamic light scattering, and electrically induced drift aquacomplexes in aqueous solutions, the development of new approaches to the problem of laser isotope separation, the development of new solutions to the problem of alternative and hydrogen energy, the development of new composite materials with a long luminescence, the synthesis of new nanomaterials.

Prof. Kazaryan was one of the leading scientists working in the field of physics of gas lasers and active optical systems. He published a number of reports in leading scientific journals and encyclopedias, international patents, 11 books and 9 collections of selected articles in various international journals. He published more than 500 scientific papers[1] [2]. M.A.Kazaryan established a new method of exciting metal vapor lasers. He developed highly efficient lasers which are currently commercially available in Russia.

For his work on the physics of lasers and optical systems, MA Kazarian together with team members were awarded the State Prize of the USSR in the field of science and technology for 1980.

M.A.Kazarian together with A.M.Prokhorov, Yu.V. Gulyaev and Yu.A.Trutnev developed many aspects of modern laser physics and its applications.

In 2003 he was elected a full member of the A.M.Prokhorov Academy of Engineering Sciences and in 2008 a Foreign Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia.

Mishik Kazaryan was a supervisor of many international projects of ISTC and CRDF. He was the scientific secretary of the Scientific Council on Luminescence, a member of program and organizing committees, chairman of the sections at many national and international conferences.

Misik Kazaryan lectured on physics of lasers and their applications in many research centers and universities in Russia and many other countries.

Under the leadership of Prof. Kazaryan a number of specialists, working in Russia and in the CIS countries and abroad, was prepared.

Prof. Kazaryan was a member of the editorial board of international scientific journals "Lasers in Engineering", "Alternative Energy and Ecology", a member of the Council of the Euro-Asian Physical Society, a member of the "National Foundation of Science and Advanced Technologies" in Armenia.

M.A.Kazaryan was awarded the A.I.Berg Medal (2013) and the N.N.Semenov Medal.

Personal life[edit]

Professor Kazaryan was married with Arpik Hasratyan (Asratyan), who was a doctor and known Professor in the field of epidemiology and virology[3]. They had two children, a daughter, Serine Kazaryan[4], who is a gynecologist and a son, Airazat Kazaryan[5] [6], who is a surgeon.

Kazaryan died on 6 April 2020 in Moscow due to complications from COVID-19 [7] [8], 10 days after his wife Professor Arpik Hasratyan (Asratyan), known epidemiologist and virologist, had also died from COVID-19.[9]

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