Mishkal Mosque

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Mishkāl Mosque
Mishkāl Palli
View of Mishkāl Mosque from one of its entrances
Mishkal Mosque is located in Kerala
Mishkal Mosque
Location in present-day Kerala
Basic information
Location Kuttichira, Calicut, present-day India
Geographic coordinates 11°15′N 75°46′E / 11.25°N 75.77°E / 11.25; 75.77Coordinates: 11°15′N 75°46′E / 11.25°N 75.77°E / 11.25; 75.77
Affiliation Islam
Branch/tradition Islam (Sunni - Šāfiʿī)
Architectural description
Architectural type Mosque
Architectural style Regional (Kerala)
Date established 14th century (present structure)
Dome(s) 0
Minaret(s) 0

Mishkal Mosque (Malayalam: മിശ്കാൽ പള്ളി) is a medieval mosque located in Calicut in the Indian state of Kerala. The mosque, one of the oldest in Malabar, is an important cultural, historical and architectural monument in Kerala.

The mosque was built by a rich Arab merchant, Nakhooda Mishkal, in the 14th century. It is named "Mishkal Mosque" after him.[1]


Mishkal Mosque is located in Kuttichira, a part of Thekkepuram beach in Calicut.

Another view of the mosque


In 1510, the mosque was partially burned in a Portuguese attack. The top floors of the mosque still display some of that damage.[1][2] Mishkal Mosque originally had five stories. It was reconstructed after the fire in 1510 and now has four stories.[1] Typical for similarly aged mosques in Malabar, it has no cupolas and minarets and heavily employs timber.

Majestic Structure[edit]

This entirely wooden mosque is simply breathtaking to see especially from the other side of the tank. The big Kuttichira tank is attached to the mosque. The mosque has 47 doors, 24 carved pillars and a big prayer hall that can accommodate 400 people. Cupolas and minarets seems to be absent because the mosque is built like a temple. The prayer hall is well ventilated and there is a wooden mimbar with beautiful motifs.


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