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National Commission for Religious and Linguistic Minorities, also called as Ranganath Misra Commission was constituted by Government of India on 29 October 2004 to look into various issues related to Linguistic and Religious minorities in India. It was chaired by former Chief Justice of India Justice Ranganath Misra.[1] The commission submitted the report to the Government on 21 May 2007.[2]

Terms of Reference[edit]

Initially, the commission was entrusted with the following terms of reference.[1]

(a) To suggest criteria for identification of socially and economically backward sections among religious and linguistic minorities; (b) To recommend measures for welfare of socially and economically backward sections among religious and linguistic minorities, including reservation in education and government employment; and (c) To suggest the necessary constitutional, legal and administrative modalities required for the implementation of its recommendations.

After nearly five months of its work the Commission’s Terms of Reference were modified so as to add the following to its original Terms of Reference.[1]

(d) To give its recommendations on the issues raised in WPs 180/04 and 94/05 filed in the Supreme Court of India and in certain High Courts relating to para 3 of the Constitution (Scheduled Castes) Order 1950 in the context of ceiling of 50 percent on reservations as also the modalities of inclusion in the list of Scheduled Castes.

Main Findings[edit]

  • 10% quotas for Muslims and 5% for other minorities in government jobs and seats in educational institutions [1]
  • reserves 8.4% out of existing OBC quota of 27% for minorities
  • SC reservation to Dalit converts [3]

Leaked[edit], an online Indian news organization has started publishing excerpts from this report since June 2009.[4]

Fierce Opposition[edit]

Since the submission India's national party, BJP has been opposing the Ranganath Mishra's recommendation fiercely. In 2010, BJP's senior official and CM of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chouhan stated "prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru had opposed reservation for converted SCs and STs".[5] In 2011, The BJP decided to file a PIL against a report recommending Scheduled Caste quotas for all minorities that could lead to Dalit Christians and Muslims coming within its ambit.[6] On February 9, 2014, Narendra Modi during his prime-ministeral campaign in Kerala he critisied Mishra's report for creating "insecurities of the Dalit communities".[7]


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