Misión S.O.S

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Misión S.O.S
Aventura y Amor
Genre Telenovela
Created by Rosy Ocampo
Directed by Rosy Ocampo
Starring Maribel Guardia
Guillermo Capetillo
Manuel Ojeda
Gabriela Goldsmith
Magda Guzmán
Maribel Fernández
Diana Golden
Raúl Magaña
Silvia Lomelĺ
Jhonny Lozada
Theme music composer Alejandro y Cristina Abaroa
Opening theme "Misión S.O.S"
Ending theme "Romeo y Julieta"
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 125 episodes
Executive producer(s) Rosy Ocampo
Producer(s) Rosy Ocampo
Running time 60 minutes (including commercials)
Original network Televisa
Original release August 2, 2004 – January 21, 2005
Preceded by Amy, la niña de la mochila azul
Followed by Sueños y caramelos
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Misión S.O.S. is a Mexican soap opera like Alegrijes y Rebujos which had child actors from Código F.A.M.A. 1 & 2


The story follows the life of Diana, a pre-teen who lives in a neighborhood called Buenaventura, along with her friends, Alonso, Federica, Rodrigo, Alejandro and Dany. Christian has moved from New York to Mexico due to his parents' divorce. Diana and Christian quickly become best friends, despite their families hatred for each other. Years before, Christian's father and Diana's mother were in love, but their relationship was soured by Severiano, Christian's grumpy and selfish grandfather.

However, the neighbors of Buenaventura have even darker futures, as they are in danger of losing their homes, their school and much more, because the evil old Severiano plans to tear down the neighborhood and build an enormous shopping mall in its place. To accomplish his plan, Severiano is willing to resort to any means, and will provoke a series of disasters to drive the inhabitants away.

The decrepit old theater is the children's favorite spot, and this is where they meet a mysterious little man who will change their lives and the fate of Buenaventura forever. Chaneque, a friendly elf, is a magical being who is on an important mission: to save his elf-world from destruction. Chaneque convinces the group of young friends to join in his quest to save his dying world. From that point, the children and their new friend embark on an exhilarating series of adventures. During their fantastic journey, they gather important clues to save their own neighborhood as well. But once this mission is accomplished, will Christian and Diana also find a way to end the feud between their families and bring them together forever?


  • Allison Lozz as Diana Lozano, child heroine, Christian's love interest
  • Diego González as Christian Martinez, child hero, Diana's love interest
  • Maribel Guardia as Ximena Lozano, adult heroine, Salvador's love interest
  • Guillermo Capetillo as Salvador Martinez, adult hero, Ximena's love interest
  • Manuel Ojeda as Severiano Martinez, antagonist
  • Raul Magaña as Leonardo, antagonist, works for Severiano
  • Jesús Zavala as El Chaneque, hero, the children's elf friend
  • Gabriela Goldsmith as Vivian Johnson, antagonist, Christian's mother who does not love him
  • Johnny Lozada as Gonzalo Ortega, Alejandro and Dany's father, irresponsible
  • Silvia Lomeli as Lidia Rendon, the children's teacher
  • Lucia Guilamin as Ramona Acevedo, Monchita's aunt, principal of the elementary school
  • Magda Guzman as Justina Aranda, Diana's grandmother, suffers from arthritis
  • Maribel Fernandez as Angeles, Severiano's servant and maid, Christian's friend
  • Adalberto Parra as El Tlacuahe, a hobo that the children are scared of, ends up being Ximena's long lost brother
  • Diana Golden as Doris Ramirez, Federica and Rodrigo's mother, likes to think she is rich, verbally abuses Federica
  • Alejandro Ruiz as Ezequiel Guerra, Federica and Rodrigo's father, works for Severiano
  • Marco Uriel as Edor, antagonist, terrible being in the Chaneque world
  • Roberto Sen as Rosendo Espinos, beats his children, changes his ways in the end
  • Zaide Silvia Gutierrez as Lupe Espinos, Alonso and Monica's mother
  • Jonathan Becerra as Alejandro Ortega, Dany's big brother, is responsible for Dany and often wins money so they are able to eat
  • Naidelyn Narravete as Gaby, adolescent antagonist, tries to break up Monica and Felipe
  • Wendy Gonzalez as Monica Espinos, adolescent heroine, Felipe's love interest
  • Marco Antonio Valdes as Felipe Lozano, adolescent hero, Monica's love interest
  • Gladys Gallegos as Federica Guerra, verbally abused by her family
  • Miguel Martinez as Rodrigo Guerra, child antagonist, stubborn and jealous of Christian, eventually accepts everything and becomes good
  • Alejandro Correa as Dany Ortega, Alejandro's younger brother
  • Marijose Salazar as Monchita Acevedo, child antagonist, greedy to the Pandilla, in the end joins the mission and becomes good
  • Anhuar Escalante as Alonso, physically abused by his father, suffers from asthma and enjoys reading fairytales
  • Alex Rivera as Hugo, child antagonist, fights Alejandro, becomes good in the end and joins the mission
  • Alex Speitzer as Chale Chale, one of the male Chaneques
  • Maria Chacon as Chanya, one of the female Chaneques
  • Nora Cano as Chanequita, one of the female Chaneques
  • Alex Goldberg as Piropolo, one of the male Chaneques
  • Irma Lozano as Clemencia

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