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Miskin could refer to:

Miskin may also be:

  • A transliteration of Myshkin, a Russian surname
  • A surname in English, derived from Norman French "le meschin' meaning 'the younger'. For example, William le Meschin in The 1161 Pipe Rolls for Warwickshire England
  • A term in Islamic writing (plural masakin) denoting a needy person, destitute and worthy of being given food on fast days

By extension in general usage, communes and associations of poor people; and a euphemism for money saving techniques. For example:

- in Indonesia, 'Kampung Miskin, Jakarta' (a shanty town) and 'Aliansi Rakyat Miskin' (Poor Peoples' Alliance)

- in some African countries,'a miskin call' is a brief telephone call terminated before it is answered so that the other party then returns the call at their expense

- 'Old Aston' slang (Birmingham, UK) for a waste receptacle