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Country  Bosnia and Herzegovina
Canton Sarajevo Canton
Municipality Ilijaš
Time zone UTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST) UTC+2 (CEST)
Map of Misoča

One of the biggest parts of Ilijaš Municipality is the neighborhood of Misoča, known in Bosnian as Naselje Misoča. It is the biggest community in the municipality of Ilijaš with 981[1] residents. Ethnically, there is majority of Bosniaks of 857 people, 121 are Serbs, 6 are Croats, 9 are others with none classified as others.[citation needed] Otherwise, the community of Misoča is known as the place with the first organized Bosniak defence against local Serbs.

Misoča is the largest area in municipality Ilijaš - Sarajevo.


Prior to the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, this place was separated in two parts: Donja Misoča and Gornja Misoča. Now, it is one place, with one local community - Misoča. Places in Misoča are: Bare, Dedići, Glavica, Han, Katane, Misoča, Mlini, Pušine and Strana. Misoča is 18 kilometers far from Sarajevo and only one mile from municipality Ilijaš.

Coordinates: 43°57′N 18°17′E / 43.95°N 18.28°E / 43.95; 18.28


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