Misol Há

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Misol Há
Misolha idyllic upright.jpg
Misol Ha, Chiapas, Mexico
Misol Há is located in Mexico
Misol Há
Location in Mexico
LocationMunicipio de Salto de Agua, Chiapas, Mexico
Coordinates17°23′27″N 91°59′55″W / 17.390772°N 91.998482°W / 17.390772; -91.998482Coordinates: 17°23′27″N 91°59′55″W / 17.390772°N 91.998482°W / 17.390772; -91.998482
Number of drops1
Longest drop35 m (115 ft)
WatercourseRio MisolhaRío BascanRío TulijáRío ChilapaRío Grijalva[1]

The Cascada de Misol-Ha (Ch’ol language for "Water Falls") is a waterfall located in the Municipality of Salto de Agua, 20 kilometers from Palenque by the road that leads towards San Cristóbal de las Casas.

This waterfall consists of one single cascade of 35 m of height that falls into a single almost circular pool admits tropical vegetation.[2] The water is of clear blue color due to its high mineral content. Behind the cascade there is a cave of approximately 20 m length. The pool is suitable for swimming.

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