Libyan local elections, 2012

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Local elections were held in several municipalities in Libya during 2012.


Municipal elections were held in Benghazi on 19 May.[1] More than 200,000 people registered to vote in Benghazi, and 414 candidates stood for election for the 41 free seats in the 44-member City Council.[2] These are the first elections of their kind in Benghazi since the 1960s.[3] Given the large number of candidates, there has been not very much time for them to campaign and present their views to the people of the 11 Districts of Benghazi.[4]

According to the head of Benghazi’s electoral commission, Suleiman Zubi, a total of 138,312 people voted in the election, with turnout between 64% and 69%.[1] Despite 22 female candidates standing for election, only one female, Najat Rashid Mansur Al-Kikhia, was elected to the council.[1] Al-Kikhia did however receive the most votes of any individual candidate.[1]


Municipal elections were held in Misrata on 20 February.[5] The elections to the 28-member City Council were one of the first held after the fall of the Gaddafi regime.[5] Only one member of the existing council stood for re-election.[5]

Of the 156,000 eligible voters, 101,486 people were registered to vote,[6] with a turnout of 57% being given by officials.[7] All of the elected councilors were independents, with Yousef Ben Yousef being elected as the new mayor of Misrata, and 5 other councilors joining the council's executive.[8]


Municipal elections were held in Sabratha on 7 October.[9] Deya-Uddin Al-Gharabli was elected as the Council Chairman.[9] There was not a high turnout for the election.[9]


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