Miss America 1938

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Miss America 1938
Date September 10, 1938
Venue Steel Pier, Atlantic City, New Jersey
Entrants 44
Placements 15
Winner Marilyn Meseke
Ohio Ohio

Miss America 1938, the 12th Miss America pageant, was held at the Steel Pier in Atlantic City, New Jersey on September 10, 1938.[1] The decision by the 15 judges there that Miss Ohio, Marilyn Meseke, rather than Miss California, Claire James, as Miss America surprised the audience at the event. Famous Broadway producer Earl Carroll, Murder at the Vanities, also disagreed with their choice and took the runner-up to New York City where he performed a coronation of Miss California as "the true Miss America" shortly after the official pageant. Carroll's actions resulted in widespread publicity of the incident.[2][3]


Final results Contestant
Miss America 1938
1st runner-up
2nd runner-up
  • Utah Utah - Muriel La Von Goodspeed
3rd runner-up
4th runner-up
Top 15


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