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Miss Arab USA
Miss Arab Sash.jpg
Formation2010; 12 years ago (2010)
TypeBeauty pageant
HeadquartersPhoenix, Arizona
  • United States
Official language
Ashraf Elgamal
WebsiteOfficial Website

Miss Arab or Miss Arab USA (Arabic: ملكة جمال العرب) is a beauty pageant with female participants across the Middle-East and among the American-Arabs. It was established on January 1, 2010. Its organised and produced by the Arab American Organization (AAO),[1] a private charity under the United States. It is annually held at United States.


Year Miss Europe Country
2010 Jennifer Chahoud[2]  Lebanon
2011 Christina Rafidia[3]  Palestine
2012 Suzanne Ziad Aslam[4]
2013 Mindy Mohamed[5]  Egypt
2014 Guinwa Zeineddine[6]  Lebanon
2015 Fabiola Al-Ibrahim[7]  Syria
2016 Baian Taleb[8]
2018 Inas Alawam[9]
2019 Iya Agha[10]  Iraq
2020 Canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic

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