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Miss Argentina
Miss Universo Argentina
MottoConfidently Beautiful
TypeBeauty pageant
HeadquartersBuenos Aires
Miss Universe
Official language
Key people
Osmel Sousa

Miss Argentina is a national beauty pageant in Argentina.



The Miss Argentina beauty contest was established in 1928 by El Hogar Magazine in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires. The first winner was Túlia Ciámpoli of Cordoba. The pageant was received by the President of Argentina in that year by Marcelo T. de Alvear and his wife Regina Pacini.[1] In 1928 the Miss Argentina was organized by Caras y Caretas. In 1930 Critical magazine took over the Miss Argentina and for the first time Miss Argentina winner went to Miss Universe in Brazil where Celia Basavilbaso of Chaco represented Argentina at the pageant. In 1932 the News Carts Newspaper Corporation held Miss Argentina and Ana Rover went to Miss Universe 1932 in Belgium. In 1937 Elba Tardits was won Miss Argentina by the local government of Argentina.


The Miss Argentina constantly sends its winner to Miss Universe competition while runners-up had ever participated to Miss International or Miss World, the Miss Argentina committee sometimes held the separate pageant either Miss World or Miss International. In 1954 Mundo Radial held Miss Argentina for the first time and the winner became the first Miss Argentina at the Miss Universe 1954 in Long Beach, California. In 1959 the Max Factor Sponsor together with the team of Miss Argentina celebrated Miss Argentina coronation. In 1965 the Canal 7 was broadcast Miss Argentina pageant by El Arte de la Elegancia program in under Jean Cartier directorship. In 1967 Naico Agency took Miss Universe franchise in Argentina. In 1968 John Fischer and Channel 13 held Miss Argentina pageant at Casino Program.


In 1970 Héctor Larrea took Miss Argentina portion and collaborated with canal 13. In 1979 El Mundo del Espectáculo had become official program to select Miss Argentina winner. In 1981 Nelly Raymond and Juan Alberto Mateyko took the franchise of Miss Universe at the Miss Argentina Organization. In 1993 Senorita Argentina contest was held by Nelly Raymond, this was for the first time Miss Argentina named as Senorita Argentina. Between 1995 and 1998 the Miss Argentina was broadcast by America TV.


Between 2000 and 2003 Fenix Production and Fundación Favaloro held Miss Argentina in Buenos Aires. In 2006 Mirta Schuster owned Miss Argentina beauty contest and renamed as the annual Miss Universo Argentina. In 2016 The Endamol Argentina and TNT Latin America took the franchise of Miss Universe in Argentina.


Began in 2019 Miss Argentina has officially handled by Osmel Sousa.


Year Miss Argentina Province Notes
1928 Túlia Ciámpoli Córdoba El Hogar Production Directorship
1929 Nelida Rodriguez Aragon Santa Fe Caras y Caretas Production
1930 Celia Basavilbaso Chaco Critical Magazine
1932 Ana Rover Buenos Aires News Carts Newspaper Corporation
1937 Elba Tardits Buenos Aires Small Contest by Local Government
1954 Ivana Olga Kislinger Distrito Federal Mundo Redial Production Directorship
1955 Hilda Isabel Sarli Gorrindo Entre Ríos
1956 Ileana Carre Distrito Federal
1957 Mónica Lamas Distrito Federal
1958 Celina Mercedes Ayala Misiones
1959 Liana Cortijo Buenos Aires Max Factor Sponsor
1960 Rose Marie Lincke Distrito Federal
1961 Adriana Gardiazabal Distrito Federal
1962 Norma Nolan[2] Santa Fe Miss Universe 1962
1963 Olga Galuzzi Buenos Aires
1964 María Amalia Ramírez Santa Fe
1965 Mabel Caffarone Distrito Federal Did not compete
1966 Elba Beatriz Baso Buenos Aires Run by El Arte de la Elegancia
1967 Amanda Yolanda Scuffi Buenos Aires Naico Agency Directorship
1968 María Del Carmen Jordan Distrito Federal
1969 Lidia Esther Lepe Corrientes
1970 Beatriz Martha Gross Distrito Federal Héctor Larrea Directorship
1971 María Del Carmen Vidal Santa Fe
1972 Norma Elena Dudik Buenos Aires
1973 Susana Romero Distrito Federal
1974 Leonor Guggini Celmira Distrito Federal
1975 Rosa Del Valle Santillán Tucumán
1976 Lilian Noemi Deasti Buenos Aires
1977 Maritza Elizabeth Jurado Buenos Aires
1978 Delia Stella Maris Muñoz Córdoba
1979 Adriana Virginia Álvarez Buenos Aires El Mundo del Espectáculo Directorship
1980 Silvia Piedrabuena Santa Fe
1981 Susana Mabel Reynoso Santa Cruz Juan Alberto Mateyko and Nelly Raymond Directorship
1982 María Alejandra Basile Distrito Federal
1983 María Daniela Carara Buenos Aires
1984 Leida Adar Distrito Federal
1985 Yanina Castano Buenos Aires
1986 María De Los Ángeles Fernández Distrito Federal
1987 Carolina Brachetti Buenos Aires
1988 Claudia Gabriela Peregra Distrito Federal
1989 Luisa Norbis Córdoba
1990 Paola De La Torre Salta
1991 Verónica Honnorat Chaco
1992 Laura Rafael Distrito Federal
1993 Alicia Andrea Ramón Chaco Señorita Argentina by Nelly Raymond
1994 Solange Magnano Córdoba
1996 Verónica Ledezma Buenos Aires
1997 Nazarena Almada Distrito Federal
1998 Marcela Brane Córdoba
1999 Elena Fournier Santa Fe
2000 Andrea Nicastri Buenos Aires Fenix Production and Fundación Favaloro
2001 Romina Incicco Santa Fe
2003 Laura Romero Buenos Aires
2006 Magali Romitelli Córdoba Mirta Schuster Directorship
2007 Daniella Stucan Buenos Aires
2008 Maria Silvana Belli San Juan
2009 Johanna Mariel Lasić Distrito Federal
2010 Yésica Di Vincenzo[3] Buenos Aires
2011 Natalia Rodríguez Buenos Aires
2012 Camila Solórzano Tucumán
2013 Brenda González Santa Fe
2014 Valentina Ferrer Córdoba
2015 Claudia Barrionuevo Salta
2016 Estefanía Bernal Buenos Aires Endemol Argentina and TNT Latin America Directorship
2017 Stefanía Incandela Buenos Aires
2018 Agustina Pivowarchuk Buenos Aires
2019 TBD TBD Osmel Sousa Directorship

Big Four pageants representatives[edit]

Miss Universo Argentina[edit]

  •      : Declared as Winner
  •      : Ended as runner-up or top 5/6 qualification
  •      : Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
  •      : Ended as special awards winner
Year Province Miss Universo Argentina Placement at Miss Universe Special Awards Notes
2018 Buenos Aires Agustina Pivowarchuk Unplaced Winner of CARAS Top Model 2018
2017 Buenos Aires Stefanía Incandela Unplaced
2016 Buenos Aires Estefanía Bernal Unplaced Endemol Argentina and TNT Latin America Directorship
2015 Salta Claudia Barrionuevo Unplaced Best National Costume (Top 5)
2014 Córdoba Valentina Ferrer Top 10 Best National Costume (Top 5)
2013 Santa Fe Brenda González Unplaced
2012 Tucumán Camila Solórzano Unplaced
2011 Buenos Aires Natalia Rodríguez Unplaced
2010 Buenos Aires Yésica Di Vincenzo Unplaced Reina Hispanoamericana 2010 (Top 7)
2009 Distrito Federal Johanna Mariel Lasić Unplaced
2008 San Juan Maria Silvana Belli Unplaced
2007 Buenos Aires Daniella Stucan Unplaced Miss Earth 2001 (3rd Runner-up)
2006 Córdoba Magali Romitelli Top 20 Mirta Schuster Directorship
Señorita Argentina
Did not compete between 2004—2005
2003 Buenos Aires Laura Romero Unplaced
2002 Did not compete
2001 Santa Fe Romina Incicco Unplaced
2000 Buenos Aires Andrea Nicastri Unplaced Fenix Production and Fundación Favaloro Directorship
1999 Santa Fe Elena Fournier Unplaced
1998 Córdoba Marcela Brane Unplaced
1997 Distrito Federal Nazarena Almada Unplaced
1996 Buenos Aires Verónica Ledezma Unplaced
1995 Did not compete
1994 Córdoba Solange Magnano Unplaced
1993 Chaco Alicia Andrea Ramón Unplaced Señorita Argentina — Nelly Raymond Directorship
Miss Argentina
1992 Distrito Federal Laura Rafael Unplaced
1991 Chaco Verónica Honnorat Unplaced
1990 Salta Paola De La Torre Unplaced
1989 Córdoba Luisa Norbis Unplaced
1988 Distrito Federal Claudia Gabriela Peregra Unplaced
1987 Buenos Aires Carolina Brachetti Unplaced
1986 Distrito Federal María De Los Ángeles Fernández Unplaced
1985 Buenos Aires Yanina Castano Unplaced
1984 Distrito Federal Leida Adar Unplaced
1983 Buenos Aires María Daniela Carara Unplaced
1982 Distrito Federal María Alejandra Basile Unplaced
1981 Santa Cruz Susana Mabel Reynoso Unplaced Juan Alberto Mateyko and Nelly Raymond Directorship
1980 Santa Fe Silvia Piedrabuena Unplaced
1979 Buenos Aires Adriana Virginia Álvarez Top 12 El Mundo del Espectáculo Directorship
1978 Córdoba Delia Stella Maris Muñoz Unplaced
1977 Buenos Aires Maritza Elizabeth Jurado Top 12
1976 Buenos Aires Lilian Noemi Deasti Top 12
1975 Tucumán Rosa Del Valle Santillán Unplaced
1974 Distrito Federal Leonor Guggini Celmira Unplaced
1973 Distrito Federal Susana Romero Top 12
1972 Buenos Aires Norma Elena Dudik Unplaced
1971 Santa Fe María Del Carmen Vidal Unplaced
1970 Santa Fe Beatriz Martha Gross 4th Runner-up Best Swimsuit Héctor Larrea Directorship
1969 Corrientes Lidia Esther Lepe Unplaced
1968 Distrito Federal María Del Carmen Jordan Unplaced
1967 Buenos Aires Amanda Yolanda Scuffi Unplaced Naico Agency Directorship
1966 Buenos Aires Elba Beatriz Baso Unplaced El Arte de la Elegancia Directorship
1965 Did not compete
1964 Santa Fe María Amalia Ramírez Top 15
1963 Buenos Aires Olga Galuzzi Top 15
1962 Santa Fe Norma Nolan Miss Universe 1962
1961 Distrito Federal Adriana Gardiazabal 2nd Runner-up
1960 Distrito Federal Rose Marie Lincke Unplaced
1959 Buenos Aires Liana Cortijo Unplaced
1958 Misiones Celina Mercedes Ayala Unplaced
1957 Distrito Federal Mónica Lamas Top 15
1956 Distrito Federal Ileana Carre Top 15
1955 Entre Ríos Hilda Isabel Sarli Gorrindo Top 15
1954 Distrito Federal Ivana Olga Kislinger Top 16 Mundo Redial Production Directorship

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