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Miss Asia Pacific International
  • 1965 (first edition)
  • 1968 (original)[1]
  • 2016 (current iteration)
TypeBeauty pageant
Official language
Jacqueline Tan-Sainz
WebsiteOfficial website

Miss Asia Pacific International is considered one of the oldest international beauty pageant headquartered in Manila, Philippines and an organization that enables women to embrace, express, and exercise their individuality. A woman who can be confident and proud of her unique traits as well as appreciate and value those of others, can help pave way to a better and brighter future.[2]

We are a pedestal for women who want to be the voice of celebrating beauty and harmony in diversity. May it be in the form of culture, race, belief, or opinion, we believe that all women are distinctly beautiful and one of a kind.

  • Mission — Miss Asia Pacific International inspires women to be comfortable in their own skin and to believe that their individuality is one of the key qualities that make them distinctly beautiful. To provide opportunities for them to develop their skills, achieve their highest potential, and be the epitome of a strong, empowered. and confident woman.
  • Vision — Miss Asia Pacific International is a platform for women to learn, improve, and ignite positive change within herself, and the global community.


The pageant was founded in 1968 as "Miss Asia Quest" and was created only for contestants from Asia and Oceania also served as a regional pageant for delegates within the Asia Pacific region. It was first headed by Dr. Vicente Ocampo Jr. The contest had a humble beginning with 18 countries participating in the first edition.[citation needed]

The pageant's title was changed to "Miss Asia Pacific" in 1984 then "Miss Asia Pacific Quest" in 1985 after participants from countries in the Americas and the Pacific Ocean were allowed to compete. Since 2005, the pageant was again renamed to Miss Asia Pacific International (MAPI) and every countries from all over the world were allowed to participate in the competition. The pageant was not held in 1990 due to Luzon earthquake and in 1991 due to Mt. Pinatubo eruption; also in 2004 and from 2006 to 2015.[citation needed]

In 2005, winner Leonora Jimenez Monge from Costa Rica was dethroned after participated in the Miss World contest. The 1st Runner-up, Yevgeniya Lapova from Russia was given the title instead.[3] The pageant was then suspended after the conclusion of the 2005 edition.[4]

12 years later, the pageant was revived and the winner of Miss Asia Pacific International 2016 was Tessa le Conge from the Netherlands.[5]

The most recent titleholder, Miss Asia Pacific International 2019 Chaiyenne Huisman from Spain, was crowned on 9 October 2019.[6]

Due to the restrictions brought about by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the organizers ceased to stage another competition since the last edition. They informed the public that the pageant will remain suspended until further notice. [7]


Year Country Titleholder Location Entrants
1965  Malaysia Angela Filmer Manila, Philippines -
1968  Taiwan Macy Shih Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City, Philippines 12
1969  South Korea Seo Won-kyoung 13
1970  India Zeenat Aman 15
1971  Guam Flora Baza 15
1972  Australia Janet Coutts 14
1973  India Tara Fonseca Manila, Philippines 14
1974  Australia Susie Currie 16
1975  Papua New Guinea Eva Arni 18
1976  Singapore Jacqueline Stuart 17
1977  Indonesia Linda Emran 17
1978  Thailand Siriporn Savanglum 15
1979  Turkey Ayla Altas 15
1980  Australia Lorraine McGrady 16
1981  Sri Lanka Bernadine Senanayake Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 16
1982  Philippines Maria Zaragoza 14
1983  Philippines Gloria Dimayacyac Manila, Philippines 14
1984  Turkey Melek Gurkan Christchurch, New Zealand 19
1985  Israel Nurit Mizrachi Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Kowloon, British Hong Kong 31
1986  New Zealand Helen Crawford 32
1987  Panama Cilinia Prada Westin Philippine Plaza Hotel, Pasay City, Philippines 30
1988  Thailand Preeyanuch Panpradub Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Kowloon, British Hong Kong 32
1989  Philippines Lorna Legaspi 31
1992  Israel Tali Ben Harush Manila, Philippines 24
1993  Philippines Michelle Aldana Philippine International Convention Center, Pasay City, Philippines 23
1994  Peru Jessica Tapia Cebu Plaza Hotel, Cebu, Philippines 26
1995  South Korea Yoon Mi-jung Baguio City, Benguet, Philippines 27
1996  Costa Rica Gabriela Aguilar Lagenda Hotel and Casino, Subic, Zambales, Philippines 27
1997  Thailand Worarat Suwannarat Davao City, Philippines 25
1998  Costa Rica Kisha Alvarado Pampanga, Philippines 25
1999  Colombia Juliana Arango Quezon City, Philippines 25
2000  India Dia Mirza 23
2001  Peru Luciana Farfán Makati City, Philippines 19
2002  South Korea Kim So-yoon Manila, Philippines 25
2003  Russia Tatyana Nikitina Folks Arts Theater, Pasay City, Philippines 25
2005  Costa Rica Leonora Jiménez (Dethroned) Guangzhou, China 51
 Russia[3] Yevgeniya Lapova (Assumed)
2016  Netherlands Tessa le Conge[8] Sheridan Beach Resort, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines 40
2017  Brazil[9] Francielly Ouriques Newport Theater of Resorts World Manila, Pasay City, Philippines 42
2018  Philippines Sharifa Akeel[10] 51
2019  Spain Chaiyenne Huisman[6] 54

Countries/Territory by winning number[edit]

Nation Titles Year(s)
 Philippines 5 1982, 1983, 1989, 1993, 2018
 South Korea 3 1969, 1995, 2002
 India 1970, 1973, 2000
 Thailand 1978, 1988, 1997
 Costa Rica 1996, 1998, 2005A
 Australia 1972, 1974, 1980
 Peru 2 1994, 2001
 Turkey 1979, 1984
 Russia 2003, 2005B
 Israel 1985, 1992
 Spain 1 2019
 Brazil 2017
 Netherlands 2016
 Colombia 1999
 Panama 1987
 New Zealand 1986
 Sri Lanka 1981
 Indonesia 1977
 Singapore 1976
 Papua New Guinea 1975
 Guam 1971
 Taiwan 1968
 Malaysia 1965

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