Miss British Virgin Islands

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Miss British Virgin Islands
Motto Evolution of Pride, Beauty and Culture
Formation 1976
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Road Town
Miss Universe
Miss World
Official language
BVI, Ministry of Tourism
Website bvitourism.com

Miss British Virgin Islands is a national beauty pageant in British Virgin Islands.


The pageant was created in 1976 and traditionally, the winner will represent the country at the Miss Universe pageant. The Miss British Virgin Islands had become the national franchise holder for Miss Universe since 1976 in under Ministry of Tourism in the British Virgin Islands.

In 2014 the Miss British Virgin Islands Organisation was sent the delegate for Miss World pageant as well.

As of 2014, British Virgin Islands was registered at the three major beauty pageants, namely; Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Earth. Additionally, for Miss Earth, the Miss Earth British Virgin Islands wills end the delegate at the pageant.


Color key
  •      Declared as International Winner
Year Miss British Virgin Islands Notes
1976 Andria Dolores Norman
1979 Eartha Ferdinand
1980 Barbara Enola Stevens
1981 Carmen Nibbs
1982 Luce Dahlia Hodge
1983 Anna Maria Joseph
1984 Donna Patricia Frett
1985 Jennifer Leonora Penn
1986 Shereen Desmona Flax
1987 Sandy Michelle Harrigan
1988 Nelda Felecia Farrington
1989 Viola Marguerite Joseph
1990 Jestina Hodge
1991 Anne Lennard
1992 Alicia Burke
1993 Rhonda Hodge
1994 Delia Jon Baptiste
1995 Elaine Patricia Henry
1996 Linette Smith
1997 Melinda Penn
1998 Kaida Donovan
1999 Kamila Smith
2000 Tausha Vanterpool
2001 Shakima Stoutt Did not compete
Did not make age requirement
2002 Anastasia Tongue
2003 Dian Sanderson[1] Did not compete
2004 Sharlita Millington Did not compete
2005 Kirsten Lettsome Did not compete'
2006 Shermel Maduro Did not compete
2007 Leilani Stevens Did not compete
2008 Maquita Richards Did not compete
2009 Josefina Nunez
2010 Sheroma Hodge
2011 Abigail Hyndman
2012 Sharie De Castro[2] Miss Caribbean World 2013
2013 Rosanna Chichester
2014 Jaynene Jno Lewis[3]
2015 Adorya Racio Baly
2016 Erika Creque
2017 Khephra Sylvester[4]
2018 A’yana Keshelle Phillips

Big Four pageants[edit]

Miss Universe[edit]

The winner of Miss British Virgin Islands represents her country at the Miss Universe. If the winner will resign the title, the runner-up will take over the crown.

Year Miss British Virgin Islands Placement Special Awards
1976 Andria Dolores Norman Unplaced
1979 Eartha Ferdinand Unplaced
1980 Barbara Enola Stevens Unplaced
1981 Carmen Nibbs Unplaced
1982 Luce Dahlia Hodge Unplaced
1983 Anna Maria Joseph Unplaced
1984 Donna Patricia Frett Unplaced
1985 Jennifer Leonora Penn Unplaced
1986 Shereen Desmona Flax Unplaced
1987 Sandy Michelle Harrigan Unplaced
1988 Nelda Felecia Farrington Unplaced
1989 Viola Marguerite Joseph Unplaced
1990 Jestina Hodge Unplaced
1991 Anne Lennard Unplaced
1992 Alicia Burke Unplaced
1993 Rhonda Hodge Unplaced
1994 Delia Jon Baptiste Unplaced
1995 Elaine Patricia Henry Unplaced
1996 Linette Smith Unplaced
1997 Melinda Penn Unplaced
1998 Kaida Donovan Unplaced
1999 Movel Lewis Unplaced
2000 Tausha Vanterpool Unplaced
2001 Kacy Frett Unplaced
2002 Anastasia Tongue Unplaced
2010 Josefina Nunez Unplaced
2011 Sheroma Hodge Unplaced
2012 Abigail Hyndman Unplaced Best National Costume (7th Runner-up)
2013 Sharie De Castro Unplaced
2014 Jaynene Jno Lewis Unplaced
2015 Adorya Racio Baly Unplaced
2016 Erika Creque Unplaced
2017 Khephra Sylvester Unplaced
2018 A’yana Keshelle Phillips TBD TBD

Miss World[edit]

The second title will be crowning as Miss World British Virgin Islands. In 2013 the island was returned and handpicked from National casting to compete at the Miss World 2013. In 2014 the Miss British Virgin Islands was appointed the grand winner in 2013 to compete at the Miss World pageant.

Year Miss World British Virgin Islands Placement Special Awards
1986 Anthonia Brenda Lewis Unplaced
1988 Nelda Felecia Farrington Unplaced
1990 Suzanne Spencer Unplaced
1991 Marjorie Penn Unplaced
1992 Bisa Smith Unplaced
1993 Kaida Donovan Unplaced
1994 Khara Michelle Forbes Unplaced
1995 Chandi Trott Unplaced
1996 Ayana Glasgow Unplaced
1997 Zoe Jennifer Walcott Unplaced
1998 Virginia Olen Rubaine Unplaced
2000 Nadia Harrigan Ubinas Unplaced
2001 Melinda McGlore Unplaced
2013 Kertis Kassandra Malone Unplaced Miss World Talent (3rd Runner-up)
2014 Rosanna Chichester Unplaced
2015 Sasha Wintz Unplaced
2016 Kadia Turnbull Unplaced
2017 Helina Hewlett[5] Unplaced Miss World Sport (2nd Runner-up)
Beauty with a Purpose (Top 20)
2018 Yadali Thomas Santos TBD TBD


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