Miss Chinese International Pageant 2007

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Miss Chinese International Pageant 2007
Date January 20, 2007
Presenters Eric Tsang, Derek Li, Eric Moo
Entertainment Hacken Lee
Venue Foshan City News & Broadcast Centre, Foshan, China
Broadcaster TVB
Entrants 21
Placements 10
Winner Sarah Song
Sydney,  Australia
Congeniality Parichart Wisutthiphat 林雅志
Bangkok,  Thailand

Miss Chinese International Pageant 2007 was held on January 20, 2007 in Foshan, China. Foshan would go on to host the pageant for two more years. Miss Chinese International 2006 Ina Lu of Johannesburg, South Africa crowned Sarah Song of Sydney as the new winner. Song is the second winner from Sydney.

Pageant information[edit]

The theme to this year's pageant is "International Beauty, Competing in China" 「國際群芳 競艶中華」. The Masters of Ceremonies include Eric Tsang, Derek Li and Eric Moo. Special performing guest was cantopop singer Hacken Lee. This year marked the first year where delegates representing Mainland Chinese regions were able to compete. This is also the second year where the contest took place in Mainland China (2002 was first). The delegate from Johannesburg, (20) Ivy Lu is the younger sister of Miss Chinese International 2006, Ina Lu. Ivy placed 1st runner-up in this year's competition.


Placement Contestant City Represented Country Represented
Miss Chinese International 2007 Sarah Song 宋熙年 Sydney  Australia
1st Runner-Up Ivy Lu 呂怡萱 Johannesburg  South Africa
2nd Runner-Up Sherry Chen 陳爽 Toronto  Canada
Top 5 Finalists Sirena Wang 王思寧
Yvonne Chapman 彭美齡
New York City
Top 10 Semi-Finalists Aimee Chan 陳茵媺
Louise Wu 吳如意
Chinzy Choi 蔡紫君
Susana Su 蘇小蕊
Ying Ying Zhao 趙瑩瑩
Hong Kong
San Francisco
 Hong Kong

Special awards[edit]

  • Miss Friendship: Parichart Wisutthiphat 林雅志 (Bangkok)
  • Audience Favourite Award: Sirena Wang 王思寧 (New York City)
  • International Charm Award: Carol Li 李睿 (Pearl River)
  • Chinese Culture Ambassador Award: Sarah Song 宋熙年 (Sydney)

Contestant list[edit]

No. Contestant Name Represented City Represented Country Age Chinese Origin
1 Tina LEUNG 梁皓婷 Seattle  USA 20 Zhongshan
2 Aimee CHAN 陳茵媺 Hong Kong  Hong Kong 25 Fujian
3 Louise WU 吳如意 San Francisco  USA 23 Fujian
4 Sherry Chen 陳爽 Toronto  Canada 23 Heilongjiang
5 Cai Ling LEOW 廖彩伶 Singapore  Singapore 22 Shantou
6 Chinzy CHOI 蔡紫君 Rotterdam  Netherlands 21 Po On
7 Erwina CHANSON 陳雪芳 Tahiti  French Polynesia 24 Shenzhen
8 Carol LI 李睿 Pearl River  China 21 Hebei
9 Sirena WANG 王思寧 New York City  USA 21 Jilin
10 Mingzhu HE 赫明珠 Chicago  USA 21 Chongqing
11 Bamboo CUI 崔竹子 Montréal  Canada 20 Liuzhou
12 Sarah SONG 宋熙年 Sydney  Australia 21 Heshan
13 Yvonne CHAPMAN 彭美齡 Calgary  Canada 20 Shanghai
14 Susana SU 蘇小蕊 Vancouver  Canada 23 Jilin
15 Novel LIM 林秀婷 Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia 21 Guangdong
16 Parichart WISUTTHIPHAT 林雅志 Bangkok  Thailand 23 Hainan
17 Rachel CARRASCO 陳香利 Manila  Philippines 19 Amoy
18 Cindy HSU 徐自璇 Auckland  New Zealand 23 Taiwan
19 Jenifer JIANG 江珏 Melbourne  Australia 18 Nanjing
20 Ivy LU 呂怡萱 Johannesburg  South Africa 22 Taiwan
21 Ying Ying ZHAO 趙瑩瑩 Nanning  China 24 Heilongjiang

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