Miss Chinese International Pageant 1991

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Miss Chinese International Pageant 1991
Date February 10, 1991
Presenters Anthony Chan Yau, Philip Chan
Entertainment Woo Fung, Hacken Lee, Vivian Chow, Leon Lai, Shirley Kwan, Sam Tsang, David Lui, Monica Chan, Isabel Leung
Venue TV City, Hong Kong
Broadcaster TVB
Entrants 23
Placements 12
Winner Yen-Thean Leng 凌緣庭

The 3rd Miss Chinese International Pageant, Miss Chinese International Pageant 1991 was held on February 10, 1991 in Hong Kong. The pageant was supposed to be held in the fall/winter of 1990, but delayed until February 1991 to coincide with Chinese New Year. Since then, the pageant has been held near Chinese New Year up till 2010, when the pageant reverted to being held in the autumn. The pageant was organized and broadcast by TVB in Hong Kong. Miss Chinese International 1989 Kit Wong of Sydney, Australia crowned Singapore's Yen-Thean Leng as the new winner. Five years later, Singapore would win the pageant again.

Pageant information[edit]

The theme to this year's pageant continues to be "The Traditions of the Dragon, The Embodiment of Beauty" 「龍的傳統 俏的化身」. The Masters of Ceremonies were Anthony Chan Yau and Philip Chan. The performing guests includes actor Woo Fung; canto-pop singers Hacken Lee, Vivian Chow, Leon Lai, Shirley Kwan, Sam Tsang, David Lui; Miss Hong Kong 1989 and Miss Chinese International Pageant 1989 first runner-up Monica Chan and Miss Hong Kong 1989 second runner-up Isabel Leung.


Placement Contestant City Represented Country Represented
Miss Chinese International 1991 Yen-Thean Leng 凌緣庭 Singapore  Singapore
1st Runner-Up Anita Yuen 袁詠儀 Hong Kong  Hong Kong
2nd Runner-Up Hazel Cheung 張燕妮 Montréal  Canada
Top 12 Finalists Virginia Lin 林芬妮
Sharon Chiu 蕭子齡
Sabrina Chen 陳佩芬
Ann Ma 馬彩燕
Anita Jung 鄭慧儀
Chen-Chien Chiang 江貞嫺
Amanda McKella 文寶雪
Betty Lum 林雲英
Supaporn Kit-Ti Suksawa 蘇潔蒂
 Chinese Taipei
 New Zealand

Special awards[edit]

  • Miss Friendship: Deanna Leung 梁慧儀 (Seattle)
  • Miss Oriential Beauty: Ann Ma 馬彩燕 (Edmonton)
  • Miss Charm: Ann Ma 馬彩燕 (Edmonton)

Contestant list[edit]

No. Contestant Name Represented City Represented Country Age
1 Virginia LIN 林芬妮 Scarborough  Canada 21
2 Ching Lan YU 余靜蘭 Tahiti  French Polynesia 18
3 Chung Nei HON 韓宗妮 Toronto  Canada 22
4 Annie TEO 張絲媚 Johor State  Malaysia 22
5 Deanna LEUNG 梁慧儀 Seattle  USA 22
6 Sharon SHIU 蕭子齡 Victoria  Canada 22
7 Sabrina CHEN 陳佩芬 Taipei  Chinese Taipei 24
8 Ann MA 馬彩燕 Edmonton  Canada 21
9 Anita Jung 鄭慧儀 Chicago  USA 20
10 Chen-Chien CHIANG 江貞嫺 Auckland  New Zealand 22
11 Yen-Thean LENG 凌緣庭 Singapore  Singapore 19
12 Tai Li WU 胡泰琍 San Francisco  USA 21
13 Amanda McKELLA 文寶雪 Macau  Macau 19
14 Hazel CHEUNG 張燕妮 Montréal  Canada 21
15 Christine CHEUNG 張慧君 Melbourne  Australia 22
16 Siu Ping HO 何小萍 Calgary  Canada 22
17 Oi Lin FAN 范愛蓮 Los Angeles  USA 21
18 Wan Fung LEE 李雲鳳 London  England 21
19 Bing LIANG 梁冰 Sydney  Australia 20
20 Nancy CHU 朱南茜 Hastings  England 24
21 Anita YUEN 袁詠儀 Hong Kong  Hong Kong 19
22 Betty LUM 林雲英 Vancouver  Canada 23
23 Supaporn Kit-Ti SUKSAWAT 蘇潔蒂 Bangkok  Thailand 20

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