Miss Chinese International Pageant 2003

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Miss Chinese International Pageant 2003
Date January 25, 2003
Presenters Priscilla Ku, Sonjia Kwok, Cutie Mui, Louis Yuen
Entertainment Kelly Chen, Sonjia Kwok, Michelle Ye
Venue TVB City, Hong Kong
Broadcaster TVB
Entrants 20
Placements 5
Winner Rachel Tan
Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia

The 15th anniversary of the pageant, Miss Chinese International Pageant 2003 was held on January 25, 2003 in Hong Kong. TVB of Hong Kong broadcast and distributed the pageant worldwide. In the end, Miss Chinese International 2002 Shirley Zhou of Vancouver, Canada crowned Rachel Tan of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as the new winner. As of 2010, it still is Kuala Lumpur's only win.

Pageant information[edit]

The theme to this year's pageant is "Snow Reflects Beauty in Different Colours, Chinese Beauty of Fifteen Years" 「雪映佳人放異彩 華裔艷倩十五年」. The Masters of Ceremonies include Priscilla Ku, Sonjia Kwok, Cutie Mui, and Louis Yuen. Special performing guests were cantopop singer Kelly Chen, Miss Chinese International 1999, Michelle Ye and Miss Chinese International 2000 Sonjia Kwok.


Placement Contestant City Represented Country Represented
Miss Chinese International 2003 Rachel Tan 陳泳錦 Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia
1st Runner-Up Tiffany Lam 林敏俐 Hong Kong  Hong Kong
2nd Runner-Up Diana Wu 吳丹 Toronto  Canada
Top 5 Finalists Kun Duangmanee 陳美鳳
Susie Wang 汪鑫

Special awards[edit]

  • Miss Friendship: Lola Gong 龔弦君 (Amsterdam)
  • Miss Snow Vitality: Grace Lee 李景熙 (Manila)

Contestant list[edit]

No. Contestant Name Represented City Represented Country Age Chinese Origin
1 Kelly CHING 程嘉怡 Calgary  Canada 18 Zhongshan
2 Kun DUANGMANEE 陳美鳳 Bangkok  Thailand 22 Fujian
3 Tanya RATTRAY 羅珮琪 Melbourne  Australia 20 Taipei
4 Angela LU 陸韻 Montréal  Canada 22 Shanghai
5 Rachel TAN 陳泳錦 Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia 20 Fujian
6 Linna DU 杜林娜 Johannesburg  South Africa 21 Beijing
7 May TEO 張美茹 Los Angeles  USA 20 Taipei
8 Annie MA 馬安妮 Seattle  USA 23 Guangdong
9 Lola GONG 龔弦君 Amsterdam  Netherlands 21 Zhejiang
10 Diana WU 吳丹 Toronto  Canada 18 Xi'an
11 Patty WONG 王少玲 Lima  Peru 23 Guangdong
12 Jessica LOUSSAN 劉鈴燕 Tahiti  French Polynesia 20 Hakka
13 Angeline CHANG 曾㛢雰 Singapore  Singapore 19 Chaoyang
14 Jessie LIU 劉美誼 New York City  USA 21 Guangdong
15 Annie WANG 王燁希 Vancouver  Canada 21 Beijing
16 Susie WANG 汪鑫 Sydney  Australia 18 Taipei
17 Grace LEE 李景熙 Manila  Philippines 20 Suzhou
18 Pamela CHANG 張少英 Brisbane  Australia 19 Taipei
19 Monique XU 徐曉力 Chicago  USA 25 Shanghai
20 Tiffany LAM 林敏俐 Hong Kong  Hong Kong 22 Xinhui

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