Miss Chinese International Pageant 2006

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Miss Chinese International Pageant 2006
Date January 21, 2006
Presenters Eric Tsang, Sammy Leung, Derek Li
Entertainment Justin Lo, Kenny Kwan
Venue TVB City, Hong Kong
Broadcaster TVB
Entrants 17 (with one withdrawal)
Placements 5
Winner Ina Lu 呂怡慧
Johannesburg,  South Africa
Congeniality Annabelle Kong 江佩瑩
Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia

The Miss Chinese International Pageant 2006 was held on January 21, 2006 in Hong Kong. The pageant was organized and broadcast by TVB in Hong Kong. At the end of the event, Miss Chinese International 2005 Leanne Li of Vancouver, Canada crowned Ina Lu of Johannesburg, South Africa as the new Miss Chinese International.

Pageant information[edit]

The theme to this year's pageant is "Millions of Colours, The Most Beautiful Chinese" 「萬千色彩 最美華裔」. The Masters of Ceremonies include Eric Tsang, Sammy Leung, and Derek Li. Special performing guest were cantopop singers Justin Lo and Kenny Kwan. The delegate from Montréal, (11) Vicki Ng-Wan withdrew from competition. The competition this year marked the lowest contestant turnout until 2013, with only 17 delegates competing, including one who withdrew from competition. The 2016 pageant currently has the lowest contestant count with 14.

The promotional advertisement for this pageant, entitled "Eternal Beauty" (絕色篇) starring Fala Chen won the Best Promotional Clip Award at the TVB Anniversary Awards 2006.


Placement Contestant City Represented Country Represented
Miss Chinese International 2006 Ina Lu 呂怡慧 Johannesburg  South Africa
1st Runner-Up Ginney Kanchanawat 許裕娟 Bangkok  Thailand
2nd Runner-Up Annabelle Kong 江佩瑩 Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia
Top 5 Finalists Crystal Li 李培禎
Elva Ni 倪晨曦

Special awards[edit]

  • Miss Friendship: Annabelle Kong 江佩瑩 (Kuala Lumpur)
  • Miss Young: Ginney Kanchanawat 許裕娟 (Bangkok)

Contestant list[edit]

No. Contestant Name Represented City Represented Country Age Chinese Origin
1 Crystal LI 李培禎 Vancouver  Canada 24 Shandong
2 Fiona CHE 車瀠霏 Sydney  Australia 18 Shanghai
3 Nicole WANG 王倩 New York City  USA 22 Beijing
4 Lillian CHAN 陳麗安 Chicago  USA 23 Guangdong
5 Amy NG 吳星薇 Seattle  USA 22 Guangdong
6 Ginney KANCHANAWAT 許裕娟 Bangkok  Thailand 21 Chaozhou
7 Ina LU 呂怡慧 Johannesburg  South Africa 24 Taiwan
8 Sherry CHEONG 鍾婷婷 Singapore  Singapore 23 Fujian
9 Annabelle KONG 江佩瑩 Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia 20 Hakka
10 Sasha LIN 林羿汎 Taipei  Chinese Taipei 20 Taiwan
11* Vicki NG-WAN 吳慧琪 Montréal  Canada 17 Hakka
12 Elva NI 倪晨曦 Toronto  Canada 18 Suzhou
13 Melody WU CHUJOY 胡家儀 Lima  Peru 24 Panyu
14 Elizabeth WANG 王蓓藝 Melbourne  Australia 18 Shanghai
15 Yvette CHEONG 張麗雲 Tahiti  French Polynesia 21 Guangdong
16 Royce ESTELLA 黃安妮 Manila  Philippines 19 Xiamen
17 Tracy IP 葉翠翠 Hong Kong  Hong Kong 24 Shanghai

* withdrew from competition

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