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Greater Toronto Chinese Pageant (Chinese: 大多市華裔小姐競選), renamed in 1999 to Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant (Chinese: 多倫多華裔小姐競選) known as MCT or MCTP for short is an annual beauty pageant organized by Fairchild TV that selects Toronto's representative for the annual Miss Chinese International Pageant that is held in Hong Kong, organized by TVB.[1] The Winner can then sign with Fairchild TV as a presenter, or often other popular contestants sign with Fairchild TV, even without a title.[2] Both the pre-renamed and renamed Toronto pageants are unrelated to the Miss Chinese Scarborough Pageant, a discontinued pageant of the same region.


[3] Contestants must be of at least partial Chinese descent and have resided in Canada for continuous period of 6 months or a total of one year on the day the application form is signed. The age requirement is 17–27 (expanded in 2011). The contestants must have never been married or pregnant or committed a crime.

Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant 2011[edit]

[4] The 2011 pageant was held at Metro Convention Centre. This year's theme is technology, with the contestants wearing futuristic sci-fi costumes. The winner of this year's pageant is Ashton Hong 洪美珊, who will represent Toronto in the Miss Chinese International pageant. The first runner-up is Irene Bai 白晨柳, and the second runner-up is Nana Liu 柳曦穎.

Masters of ceremonies[edit]

  • 1995: Dominic Lam 林嘉華
  • 1996: Dominic Lam 林嘉華
  • 1997: Dominic Lam 林嘉華
  • 1998: Dominic Lam 林嘉華
  • 1999: Dominic Lam 林嘉華
  • 2000: Dominic Lam 林嘉華
  • 2001: Dominic Lam 林嘉華
  • 2002: Dominic Lam 林嘉華
  • 2003: Dominic Lam 林嘉華, Jennifer Lo 羅爵暉, Diana Wu 吳丹
  • 2004: Dominic Lam 林嘉華
  • 2005: Dominic Lam 林嘉華
  • 2006: Dominic Lam 林嘉華, Amigo Choi 崔建邦, River Lee 李亭
  • 2007: Dominic Lam 林嘉華, Leo Shiu 蕭嘉俊
  • 2008: Dominic Lam 林嘉華, Joey Leung 梁榮忠,Local Fairchild TV Hosts 當地著名節目主持人,Grace Xiao 曉露
  • 2009: Dominic Lam 林嘉華, Castro Liu 廖立暉, Lily Cheng 陳伶俐
  • 2010: Dominic Lam 林嘉華, Leo Shiu 蕭嘉俊, Grace Xiao 曉露
  • 2011: Dominic Lam 林嘉華, Derek To 杜挺豪, Grace Xiao 曉露
  • 2012: Dominic Lam 林嘉華, Derek To 杜挺豪, Leo Shiu 蕭嘉俊
  • 2013: Leo Shiu 蕭嘉俊, Castro Liu 廖立暉, Qin Yi 秦屹
  • 2014: Leo Shiu 蕭嘉俊 ,Ong Yi Hing 王貽興, Qin Yi 秦屹
  • 2015: Leo Shiu 蕭嘉俊, Marcus Kwok 郭田葰, Qin Yi 秦屹
  • 2016: Leo Shiu 蕭嘉俊, Ken Chan 陳啟泰, Qin Yi 秦屹

Special performing guests[edit]

Past winners[edit]

Winners chart[edit]

Year Name Number
1995 Patsy Poon 潘美詩 8
1996 Monica Lo 盧淑儀 7
1997 Julia Fong 房翠麗 9
1998 Audrey Li 李酈 9
1999 Helen Lin 林凱倫 3
2000 Cissy Wang 汪詩詩 6
2001 Christie Bartram 白穎茵 1
2002 Diana Wu 吳丹 1
2003 Sarina Lee 李翹欣 4
2004 Lena Ma 馬艶冰 5
2005 Elva Ni 倪晨曦 6
2006 Sherry Chen 陳爽 3
2007 Liang Wang 王靚 4
2008 Christine Kuo 苟芸慧 4
2009 Candy Chang 張慧雯 8
2010 Hilary Tam 譚曉榆 3
2011 Ashton Hong 洪美珊 6
2012 Jessica Song 宋沁禕 2
2013 Mandy Liang 梁淼 5
2014 Valerie Fong 方詩揚 10
2015 Sissi Ke 柯思懿 7
2016 Gloria Li 李珮儀 3

Full award winners list 2010–present[edit]


Number Name Placement
3 Hilary Tam 譚曉榆 Winner 冠軍
9 Sonia Cheung 張麗雅 First Runner-Up 亞軍
8 Bess Yu 于夢媛 Second Runner-Up 季軍
2 Wendy Wen 全家欣 Miss Friendship 友誼小姐
6 Chloe Zheng 鄭瑞睿 Most Talented 傑出才藝獎
3 Hilary Tam 譚曉榆 Charming Communicator Award 『魅力傳城』大獎
9 Sonia Cheung 張麗雅 Beautiful Hair 亮麗美髮獎
4 Gail Borjiet 博樂 Perfect Complexion 純美肌膚獎
3 Hilary Tam 譚曉榆 Miss Photogenic 最上鏡小姐
6 Chloe Zheng 鄭瑞睿 Vivacious Beauty Award 神采飛揚獎


Number Name Placement
6 Ashton Hong 洪美珊 Winner 冠軍
5 Irene Bai 白晨柳 First Runner-Up 亞軍
2 Nana Liu 柳曦穎 Second Runner-Up 季軍
6 Ashton Hong 洪美珊 Miss Photogenic 最上鏡小姐
6 Ashton Hong 洪美珊 Miss Talent 傑出才藝獎
6 Ashton Hong 洪美珊 Charming Communicator Award 『魅力傳城』大獎
2 Nana Liu 柳曦穎 Beautiful Hair亮麗美髮獎
10 Jenni Tran 陳愛徽 Miss Friendship 友誼小姐


Number Name Placement
2 Jessica Song 宋沁禕 Winner 冠軍
10 Joy Yang 楊川儀 First Runner-Up 亞軍
7 Adriana Zhang 張洋 Second Runner-Up 季軍
7 Adriana Zhang 張洋 Miss Photogenic 最上鏡小姐
2 Jessica Song 宋沁禕 Miss Talent 傑出才藝獎
7 Adriana Zhang 張洋 Beautiful Hair亮麗美髮獎
6 Lisa Wong 黃玉文 Miss Friendship 友誼小姐


Number Name Placement
5 Mandy Liang 梁淼 Winner 冠軍
6 Bonnie Chan 陳雅思 First Runner-Up 亞軍
9 Whitney Lau 劉欣妮 Second Runner-Up 季軍
5 Mandy Liang 梁淼 Miss Photogenic 最上鏡小姐
9 Whitney Lau 劉欣妮 Miss Talent 傑出才藝獎
7 Sandra Huang 黃思嫻 Beautiful Hair亮麗美髮獎
8 Claudia Cheung 張翠恩 Miss Friendship 友誼小姐


Number Name Placement
10 Valerie Fong 方詩揚 Winner 冠軍
6 Meiyi Ding 丁眉伊 First Runner-Up 亞軍
3 Tina Li 李曉恬 Second Runner-Up 季軍
10 Valerie Fong 方詩揚 Miss Photogenic 最上鏡小姐
5 Monica Wang 王呈珵 Miss Talent 傑出才藝獎
8 Confidy Kong 孔令思 Beautiful Hair亮麗美髮獎
9 Linda Zhao 趙琚瑶 Miss Friendship 友誼小姐
10 Valerie Fong 方詩揚 Charisma Award 最具魅力獎
6 Meiyi Ding 丁眉伊 Shine Confidence Award 閃耀自信獎


Number Name Placement
7 Sissi Ke 柯思懿 Winner 冠軍
10 Juliana Qian 錢楓然 First Runner-Up 亞軍
4 Victoria Guo 郭津含 Second Runner-Up 季軍
7 Sissi Ke 柯思懿 Miss Photogenic 最上鏡小姐
4 Victoria Guo 郭津含 Miss Talent 傑出才藝獎
4 Victoria Guo 郭津含 Beautiful Hair亮麗美髮獎
8 Emily Yau 邱國晴 Miss Friendship 友誼小姐
7 Sissi Ke 柯思懿 Charisma Award 最具魅力獎
10 Juliana Qian 錢楓然 Shine Confidence Award 閃耀自信獎
7 Sissi Ke 柯思懿 Most Brilliant Smile 最燦爛笑容大獎


Number Name Placement
3 Gloria Li 李珮儀 Winner 冠軍
9 Cassandra Cheung 張芷嘉 First Runner-Up 亞軍
6 Victoria Wong 黃嘉文 Second Runner-Up 季軍
4 Linda Liu 劉芃芃 Miss Photogenic 最上鏡小姐
3 Gloria Li 李珮儀 Beautiful Hair 亮麗美髮獎
6 Victoria Wong 黃嘉文 Miss Congeniality 友誼小姐
3 Gloria Li 李珮儀 Charisma Award 最具魅力獎
9 Cassandra Cheung 張芷嘉 Most Brilliant Smile 最燦爛笑容大獎

MCT at Miss Chinese International Pageant[edit]

  • Toronto participated at Miss Chinese International 國際中華小姐競選 every year, except in 1989, 1994, and 1995. The representatives that participated before 1996 were all winners of the Greater Toronto Chinese Pageant.
Year represented at MCI Delegate number & name Age1 Placement (if any) Special awards won (if any) Notes
2017 15. Gloria Li 李珮儀 24 Top 10 Miss Finesse (Best Talent Performance Award)
2016 13. Sissi Ke 柯思懿 23
2015 16. Valerie Fong 方詩揚 26 Top 10
2014 15. Mandy Liang 梁淼 26 Top 10
2013 15. Jessica Song 宋沁禕 23 Top 5 Finalist Star of Tomorrow Award
2012 17. Ashton Hong 洪美珊 19 Miss Friendship Because Miss Chinese International Pageant was not held in 2011, both 2010 and 2011 MCT winners were invited to compete in the 2012 pageant.
16.Hilary Tam 譚曉榆 24
2010 18. Candy Chang 張慧雯 20 2nd runner up TVB Actress
2009 24. Christine Kuo 苟芸慧 25 Winner International Charm Ambassador TVB Actress
2008 18. Liang Wang 王靚 18
2007 4. Sherry Chen 陳爽 23 2nd runner up TVB Actress, Hong Kong Model
2006 12. Elva Ni 倪晨曦 18 Top 5 Finalist Hong Kong Model, Ni's sister competed in Miss Chinese Toronto 2007 and received the Charming Communicator Award.
2005 12. Lena Ma 馬艶冰 17 Later Miss World Canada 2009, 4th runner up at Miss World 2009. Model
2004 16. Sarina Lee 李翹欣 20
2003 10. Diana Wu 吳丹 18 2nd runner up
2002 5. Christie Bartram 白穎茵 18 1st runner up Miss Svelte Beauty Competed in Miss Universe Canada 2003. Did not make the top 10.
2001 5. Cissy Wang 汪詩詩 19 Wife of actor Donnie Yen
2000 12. Ava Chan 陳仙仙 19 Chan was 1st runner up at Miss Chinese Toronto 1999, but was selected to compete in MCI.
1999 8. Audrey Li 李酈 Top 5 Finalist
1998 8. Julia Fong 房翠麗
1997 5. Monica Lo 盧淑儀 18 Winner Actress
1996 5. Patsy Poon 潘美詩 Top 10 Semifinalist
1993 20. Wong Man Ching 王文靜
1992 8. Rosemary Chan 陳曼莉 23 Winner Media's Favorite Award, Miss Oriental Charm
1991 3. Jenny Hon 韓宗妮 22
1988 1. Yuen Mei Mak 麥宛美 20

1 Age at the time of the Miss Chinese International pageant

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