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Miss Curaçao
Motto Confidently Beautiful
Formation 1962
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Willemstad
Miss Universe
Official language
Franchise holder
Curaçao Beauty Pageant Committee (CBPC)
Key people
Ayshel Maria
Website coridjastars.com

Miss Curaçao (In Papiamentu: Miss Kòrsou) is a national beauty pageant in Curaçao. This pageant is unrelated to the Señorita Curaçao or Miss International Curaçao pageant.


The pageant started in 1963 and sends contestants to the Miss World and Miss Universe pageants. The organization started with the creation of the Curaçao Youth Beauty Contest Organization (CYBECO).

Between 1997 and 2006 Sheida Wever, former Miss Curaçao 1985 who went to compete to the Miss Universe pageant that same year, organized the national pageant and was the national director for both Miss World and Miss Universe.

In 2006, Reinilla Productions Developments (ReProD) obtained the Miss World, Miss Intercontinental, Top Model of the World and Miss Earth franchise for Curaçao. Their first delegate was Fyrena Martha who competed in Miss World 2006 in Poland. In 2007 and 2008, ReProD in association with Sanjess Promotions held a joint pageant where the Miss Universe and Miss World representative were selected. Since 2009 the event is independent to Miss Universe Curaçao.

Since 2006, the Curaçao Tourism Board holds the Miss Universe franchise and every year they have a bidding to choose who is going to organize the Miss Curaçao Universe pageant, Sanjess Promotions run by Jearmeane Colastica organized it in 2007 and 2008.

Smaller pageants had been held to select contestants to Miss International, until 2002 by Richard Isa.

In 2008, the Curaçao Beauty Organization presided by Aubrey America won the bid to organize the pageant jointly with Hart & Private Productions. The winner of Miss Universe Curaçao represents the island in Miss Universe.

In 2011, Evalina van Putten won Reina Hispanoamericana 2011 in Bolivia. This was first time Curaçao winning the title.

In 2013, after a long time of speculating about the Miss Universe Curaçao pageant, Coridja Stars Productions got the license to organize the most important pageant of the island.

In 2018 the Curaçao Beauty Pageant Committee took the franchise of Miss Universe, together with Miss World and Miss Earth.


Year Miss Curaçao
1962–1963 Peggy Van Riet
1963–1964 Philomena Zielinski
1964–1965 Iris de Windt
1965–1966 Ninfa Palm
1966–1967 Elizabeth Sánchez
1967–1968 Imelda Thodé
1968–1969 Anne Marie Braafheid
1969–1970 Yvonne Wardekker
1970–1971 Nilva Maduro
1971–1972 Maria Vonhogen
1972–1973 Ingrid Prade
1973–1974 Ingeborg Zielinski
1974–1975 Catherine de Jongh
1975–1976 Yasmin Fraites
1976–1977 Anneke Dijkhuizen
1977–1978 Regine Tromp
1978–1980 Solange de Castro
1980–1981 Hassana Hammoud
1981–1982 Maria Maxima Croes
1982–1983 Minerva Hieroms
1983–1984 Maybeline Snel
1984–1985 Susanne Verbrugge
1985–1986 Sheida Wever
1986–1988 Christine Sibilo
1988–1989 Anushka Cova
1989–1990 Anna Maria de Windt
1990–1991 Jacqueline Josien Krijger
1991–1992 Mijanou de Paula
1992–1993 Elsa Roozendal
1993–1994 Jasmin Clifton
1994–1995 Maruschka Jansen
1995–1996 Vanessa Dorinda Mambi
1996–1997 Verna Vasquez
1997–1998 Natacha Tamara Bloem
1998–1999 Jouraine Gregoria Ricardo
1999–2000 Jozaine Marianella Wall
2000–2002 Fatima Maria Sint Jago
2002–2003 Ayanette Statia
2003–2005 Vanessa van Arendonk
2005–2007 Rychacviana Coffie
2007–2008 Naemi Elizabeth Monte
2008–2009 Jenyfeer Natividad Mercelina
2009–2010 Ashanta Mafalda Macauly
2010–2011 Safira de Wit
2011–2012 Evalina van Putten
2012-2013 Monifa Jansen
2013–2014 Eline de Pool
2014–2015 Laurien Angelista
2015–2016 Kanisha Sluis
2016–2017 Chanelle De Lau
2017–2018 Nashaira Balentien
2018–2019 Akisha Albert

Representatives at Miss Universe[edit]

Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

Since 1963 traditionally the winner of Miss Universe Curaçao represents her country at Miss Universe. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent. Curaçao had sent contestants to Miss Universe since 1963 with Philomena Zielinki, the second Miss Curaçao. Of all the 48 representatives from the island, 5 of them have placed in the semifinals.

Year Miss Curaçao Placement Special Awards
1963 Philomena Zielinski Unplaced
1964 Iris de Windt Unplaced
1965 Ninfa Palm Unplaced
1966 Elizabeth Sánchez Unplaced Miss Congeniality
1967 Imelda Thodé Unplaced
1968 Annemarie Braafheid 1st Runner-up
1969 Yvonne Wardekker Unplaced
1970 Nilva Maduro Unplaced
1971 Maria Vonhogen Unplaced
1972 Ingrid Prade Unplaced
1973 Ingeborg Zielinski Unplaced
1974 Catherine de Jongh Unplaced
1975 Jamine Fraites Unplaced
1976 Anneke Dijkhuizen Top 12
1977 Regine Tromp Unplaced
1978 Solange de Castro Unplaced
1980 Hassana Hammoud Unplaced
1981 Maria Maxima Croes Unplaced
1982 Minerva Hierons Unplaced
1983 Maybeline Snel Unplaced
1984 Susanne Verbrugge Unplaced
1985 Sheida Wever Unplaced
1986 Christine Sibilo Unplaced
1987 Viennaline Arvelo Unplaced
1989 Anna Mosteiro Unplaced
1991 Jacqueline Nelleke Josien Krijger Top 10
1992 Mijanou de Paula Unplaced
1993 Elsa Roozendal Unplaced
1994 Jasmin Clifton Unplaced
1995 Maruschka Jansen Unplaced
1996 Vanessa Dorinda Mambi Unplaced
1997 Verna Angela Maria Vasquez Top 6
1998 Natacha Tamara Bloem Unplaced
1999 Jouraine Gregoria Ricardo Unplaced
2001 Maria Fatima Sint Jago Unplaced
2002 Ayanette Mary-Ann Ileana Statia Unplaced
2003 Vanessa Maria Van Arendonk Unplaced
2004 Angeline Fernandine Da Silva Goes Unplaced
2005 Rychacviana Coffie Unplaced
2007 Naemi Elizabeth Monte Unplaced
2008 Jenyfeer Natividad Mercelina Unplaced
2009 Angenie Anamaria Simon Unplaced
2010 Safira de Wit Unplaced
2011 Evalina van Putten (*) Unplaced Best National Costume
(Top 10)
2012 Monifa Jansen Unplaced
2013 Eline de Pool Unplaced
2014 Laurien Angelista Unplaced
2015 Kanisha Sluis Top 10
2016 Chanelle De Lau[1] Unplaced
2017 Nashaira Balentien[2] Unplaced
2018 Akisha Albert TBA TBA


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