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Star Kypros
MottoFeel Fantastic
TypeBeauty pageant
Miss World
Miss Earth
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Star Cyprus (Greek: Σταρ Κύπρος) is a national Beauty pageant in Cyprus held the last quarter of the year, primarily in November. The 2 winners compete internationally, the following year. Began in 2016 The two major titleholders: Star Kypros represents Cyprus at Miss World and Miss Kypros represents the country at Miss Earth.


The first modern Cypriot competition took place in 1973. the organization has been financed by the famed brewing company Carlsberg. the competition has taken place at the Carlsberg-festival location.

The winners receive the titles "Star Kypros", '"Miss Kypros", "Miss Carlsberg" and "Miss Mediterranean". Starting in 2016 after losing the Miss Universe franchise the winners of the event go on to represent Cyprus at the Miss World (Star Kypros), Miss Earth (Miss Kypros), plus two runners-up. The following abbreviations are used for the different titles: Only one person has gone to place in the beauty pageants which is Miss Cyprus 2002 who finished 8th.

National titles[edit]

The winners receive the title:

  • SK = Star Kypros (Greek: Σταρ Κύπρος)
  • MK = Miss Kypros (Greek: Μις Κύπρος)

Other positions receive the title:

  • Miss Carlsberg
  • Miss Mediterranean
  • Miss Young (Miss Teen Cyprus)
  • First Runner-up
  • Second Runner-up

Miss Universe 2000[edit]

In 2000 Star Kypros was handled the Millennium Miss Universe 2000 in Nicosia, Cyprus with the Miss Universe Organization. Miss India, Lara Dutta was crowned as Miss Universe 2000 in that year.


Year Star Kypors Notes
1973 Joanna Melanidou
1974 Andri Tsangaridou
1976 Georgia Georgiou
1977 Mary Adamou
1978 Eliana Djiaboura Chr
1979 Parthenopi Vassiliadou
1980 Elena Andreou
1981 Katia Angelidou
1982 Marina Elena Rauscher
1983 Katia Chrysochou
1984 Zsa Zsa Melodias
1985 Andri Andreou
1986 Christina Vassaliadou
1987 Natasha Papademetriou
1988 Aphrodite Theophanous
1989 Irma Voulgari
1991 Militsa Papadopoulou
1992 Photini Spyridonos
1993 Maria Vasiliou
1994 Clara Davina Rainbow
1995 Froso Spyrou
1996 Korina Nicolaou
1997 Daniella Iordanova
1998 Valentini Dionysiou
1999 Christi Groutidou
2000 Stella Demetriou
2001 Demetra Eleftheriou
2002 Ivi Lazarou
2003 Nayia Iacovidou
2004 Elena Hadjidemetriou
2005 Elena Gerodiakonou
2006 Polyvia Achilleos
2007 Dimitra Sergiou
2008 Kielia Giasemidou
2009 Demetra Olimpiou
2011 Andriani Karantoni
2012 Ntaniella Kefala[1] Did not compete at Miss Universe 2013
REPLACED BY Ioánna Giannakoú
(First Runner-up)
2013 Elisa Georgiou Did not compete
2014 Markélla Konstantínou
2015 Maria Morarou
2016 Helena Tselepi[2]
2017 Adriana Fiakka

Big Four pageants[edit]


  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

Miss Universe[edit]

The winner of Star Kypros represents her country at the Miss Universe pageant. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent. Traditionally the winner selected in previous year to the Miss Universe pageant. In 2010 Star Kypros was cancelled after rescheduling date between Miss Universe Organization International pageant and Star Kypros National pageant. Since 2013 Cyprus is inactive in Miss Universe history.

Year Star Kypors Placement Special Awards
1973 Joanna Melanidou Unplaced
1974 Andri Tsangaridou Unplaced
1981 Katia Angelidou Unplaced
1983 Marina Elena Rauscher Unplaced
1984 Zsa Zsa Melodias Unplaced
1985 Andri Andreou Unplaced
1986 Christina Vassaliadou Unplaced
1987 Natasha Papademetriou Unplaced
1992 Militsa Papadopoulou Unplaced
1993 Photini Spyridonos Unplaced
1994 Maria Vasiliou Unplaced
1995 Clara Davina Rainbow Unplaced
1996 Froso Spyrou Unplaced
1997 Korina Nicolaou Unplaced
1998 Daniella Iordanova Unplaced
1999 Valentini Dionysiou Unplaced
2000 Christi Groutidou Unplaced
2001 Stella Demetriou Unplaced
2002 Demetra Eleftheriou Top 10
2003 Ivi Lazarou Unplaced
2004 Nayia Iacovidou Unplaced
2005 Elena Hadjidemetriou Unplaced
2006 Elena Gerodiakonou Unplaced
2007 Polyvia Achilleos Unplaced
2008 Dimitra Sergiou Unplaced
2009 Kielia Giasemidou Unplaced
2010 Demetra Olimpiou Unplaced
2011 Andriani Karantoni Unplaced
2012 Ioánna Giannakoú Unplaced

Miss World[edit]

The second placed represents her country at Miss World pageant. The Star Cyprus holds the Miss World franchise since 1973. Between 1960 and 1973 another agency held Miss World Cyprus, separately. The second title will crown as Miss Kypros. Began 2016 after losing the Miss Universe franchise, the winner of Star Kypros goes to Miss World.

Year Miss World Cyprus Placement Special Awards
1960 Mary Mavropoulos Unplaced
1961 Andreava (Rita) Polydorou Unplaced
1962 Magda Michailides Unplaced
1963 Maro Zorna Unplaced
1973 Demetra Heraklidou Unplaced
1976 Andri Tsangaridou Unplaced
1977 Georgia Georgiou Unplaced
1978 Mary Adamou Unplaced
1979 Eliana Djiaboura Chr Unplaced
1980 Parthenopi Vassiliadou Unplaced
1981 Elena Andreou Unplaced
1982 Marina Elena Rauscher Unplaced
1983 Katia Chrysochou Unplaced
1984 Agathi Demetriou Unplaced
1985 Juliana Panayiota Kalogirou Unplaced
1986 Maro Andreou Unplaced
1987 Niki Christou Unplaced
1988 Aphrodite Theophanous Unplaced
1989 Irma Voulgari Unplaced
1991 Anne Margaret Stephanou Unplaced
1992 Maria Kountouris Unplaced
1993 Maria-Magdalini Valianti Unplaced
1994 Johanna Uwrin Unplaced
1995 Isabella Giorgallou Unplaced
1996 Maria Papaprodromou Unplaced
1997 Galatia Charalambidou Unplaced
1998 Chrysanthi Michael Unplaced
1999 Sofia Georgiou Unplaced
2000 Iphigenia Papaioannou Unplaced
2001 Christiana Aristotelous Unplaced
2002 Anjela Drousiotou Unplaced
2003 Stella Stylianou Unplaced
2004 Constantina Evripidou Unplaced
2005 Orthodoxia Moutsouri Unplaced
2006 Elli Manoli Unplaced
2007 Dora Anastasiou Unplaced Miss World Talent (Top 18)
2008 Mari Vasilieiou Unplaced
2009 Christalla Tsiali Unplaced
2010 Andrea Kkolou Unplaced
2011 Orthodoxia Panagi Unplaced Beauty With a Purpose (Top 77)
2012 Georgia Georgiou Unplaced Miss World Beach Beauty (Top 40)
2013 Kristi-Mari Agapiou Unplaced Miss World Top Model (Top 10)
Miss World Sports (Top 20)
2014 Ioanna Filippou Unplaced
2015 Rafaela Charalampous Unplaced
2016 Maria Morarou Unplaced
2017 Helena Tselepi Unplaced Miss World Talent (Top 20)
2018 Andriánna Fiakká Unplaced

Miss Earth[edit]

In 2001 the second placed went to Miss Earth pageant. Between 2002 and 2014 Cyprus did not present at the pageant. In 2015 the main winner of Star Kypros represented her country at the Miss Earth 2015 in Austria. Began 2016 the second title of Star Kypros representes her country at Miss Earth pageant.

Year Miss Earth Cyprus Placement Special Awards
2001 Christiana Aristotelous Top 10
2015 Markélla Konstantínou Unplaced
2016 Maria Kosta Unplaced
2017 Artemis Charalambous Unplaced 1st, gold medalist(s) Talent (Group 3)
2nd, silver medalist(s) National Costume (Eastern Europe)
2018 María Armenaki TBA

Miss International[edit]

The fourth placed represents her country at Miss International pageant. The fourth placed will be automatically crowning as Miss Mediterranean but since 2010 the title does not exist. Since 2007 Cyprus is inactive in Miss International history.

Year Miss International Cyprus Placement Special Awards
1995 Eleni Chrysostomou Unplaced
1998 Marianna Panayiotou Unplaced
1999 Afroditi Pericleous Top 10
2000 Nicoletta Violari Unplaced
2001 Maria Alecou Hadzivassiliou Unplaced
2002 Nichole Stylianou Unplaced
2003 Maria Pelekanou Unplaced
2004 Demetra Mouski Unplaced
2005 Charis Dimitriou Unplaced
2006 Elena Georgiou Unplaced

Other titles[edit]

Miss Young Cyprus[edit]

The Miss Young at Star Kypros coronation identified as Miss Teen Cyprus.

Year Miss Young Cyprus Placement
1985 Margarita FIlippiou Did not compete
1986 Maro Andreou Did not compete
1987 Erika Giorgitsi Did not compete
1988 Marilena Zorna Did not compete
1989 NO TITLE FROM 1989-2012
2013 Andrea Taouxi Did not compete
2014 Chrystalla Theophanous Did not compete
2015 Elena Charalombous Did not compete

2017 Constantina Kavalierou

Miss Cyprus 2017 Maria Armenaki

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