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Miss Cyprus
Motto Feel Fantastic
Formation 1973
Type Beauty Pageant
Headquarters Nicosia
Miss Universe
Miss World
Miss International
Official language
Mega TV Cyprus
Website starcyprus.com

Star Cyprus, (Greek: Μις Κύπρος) or Miss Universe Cyprus, is the annual national Pancyprian beauty competition in Cyprus. The current competition's official name is Star Kypros (Σταρ Κύπρος).


The first modern Cypriot competition took place in 1973. the organization has been financed by the famed brewing company Carlsberg. the competition has taken place at the Carlsberg-festival location.

The winners receive the titles "Star Kypros", '"Miss Kypros", "Miss Carlsberg" and "Miss Mediterranean". Winners of the event go on to represent Cyprus at the Miss Universe (Star Kypros), Miss World (Miss Kypros), plus two runners-up. The following abbreviations are used for the different titles: Only one person has gone to place in the beauty pageants which is Miss Cyprus 2002 who finished 8th.

The winners receive the title:

  • SK = Star Kypros (Greek: Σταρ Κύπρος)
  • MK = Miss Kypros (Greek: Μις Κύπρος)

In 2000 Star Kypros was handled the Millennium Miss Universe 2000 in Nicosia, Cyprus with the Miss Universe Organization. Miss India, Lara Dutta was crowned as Miss Universe 2000 in that year.

In 2010 Star Kypros was cancelled after rescheduling date between Miss Universe Organization International pageant and Star Kypros National pageant.


Year Star Cyprus Notes
1973 Joanna Melanidou
1974 Andri Tsangaridou
1976 Georgia Georgiou
1977 Mary Adamou
1978 Eliana Djiaboura Chr
1979 Parthenopi Vassiliadou
1980 Elena Andreou
1981 Katia Angelidou
1982 Marina Elena Rauscher
1983 Katia Chrysochou
1984 Zsa Zsa Melodias
1985 Andri Andreou
1986 Christina Vassaliadou
1987 Natasha Papademetriou
1988 Aphrodite Theophanous
1989 Irma Voulgari
1990 Emilia Groutidou
1991 Militsa Papadopoulou
1992 Photini Spyridonos
1993 Maria Vasiliou
1994 Clara Davina Rainbow
1995 Froso Spyrou
1996 Korina Nicolaou
1997 Daniella Iordanova
1998 Valentini Dionysiou
1999 Christi Groutidou
2000 Stella Demetriou
2001 Demetra Eleftheriou
2002 Ivi Lazarou
2003 Nayia Iacovidou
2004 Elena Hadjidemetriou
2005 Elena Gerodiakonou
2006 Polyvia Achilleos
2007 Dimitra Sergiou
2008 Kielia Giasemidou
2009 Demetra Olimpiou
2011 Andriani Karantoni
2012 Ntaniella Kefala[1] Did not compete
2013 Elisa Georgiou[2] Did not compete
2014 Markélla Konstantínou[3] TBA

Representatives at Miss Universe[edit]

Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

The winner of Star Kypros represents her country at the Miss Universe pageant. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent. Traditionally the winner selected in previous year to the Miss Universe pageant.

In 2013-2014 Cyprus did not participate at the Miss Universe pageant, due to lack of sponsorship.[4] Perhaps in 2015 Cyprus will return with the new titleholder of Star Kypros 2014, Markélla Marína Konstantínou.

Year Miss Cyprus Placement Special Awards
Greece 1973 Joanna Melanidou Unplaced
Philippines 1974 Andri Tsangaridou Unplaced
United States 1981 Katia Angelidou Unplaced
Peru 1983 Marina Elena Rauscher Unplaced
United States 1984 Zsa Zsa Melodias Unplaced
United States 1985 Andri Andreou Unplaced
Panama 1986 Christina Vassaliadou Unplaced
Singapore 1987 Natasha Papademetriou Unplaced
Thailand 1992 Militsa Papadopoulou Unplaced
Mexico 1993 Photini Spyridonos Unplaced
Philippines 1994 Maria Vasiliou Unplaced
Namibia 1995 Clara Davina Rainbow Unplaced
United States 1996 Froso Spyrou Unplaced
United States 1997 Korina Nicolaou Unplaced
United States 1998 Daniella Iordanova Unplaced
Trinidad and Tobago 1999 Valentini Dionysiou Unplaced
Cyprus 2000 Christi Groutidou Unplaced
Puerto Rico 2001 Stella Demetriou Unplaced
Puerto Rico 2002 Demetra Eleftheriou Top 10
Panama 2003 Ivi Lazarou Unplaced
Ecuador 2004 Nayia Iacovidou Unplaced
Thailand 2005 Elena Hadjidemetriou Unplaced
United States 2006 Elena Gerodiakonou Unplaced
Mexico 2007 Polyvia Achilleos Unplaced
Vietnam 2008 Dimitra Sergiou Unplaced
The Bahamas 2009 Kielia Giasemidou Unplaced
United States 2010 Demetra Olimpiou Unplaced
Brazil 2011 Andriani Karantoni Unplaced
United States 2012 Ioanna Yiannakou* Unplaced
2015 Markélla Konstantínou TBA
  • (*) 2012: Ioanna Yiannakou was appointed to represent Cyprus at the Miss Universe. She was the 2nd Runner-up of Star Kypros. The winner was withdrew, due to lack preparation at the pageant.

Representatives at Miss World[edit]

Cyprus was debuted at the Miss World pageant in 1960. Miss Kypros represents her country at the Miss World pageant. On occasion, when the position does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a contestant is sent.

Year Miss Cyprus Placement Special Awards
United Kingdom 2000 Ifigéneia Papaïoánnou Unplaced
South Africa 2001 Christiána Chrysostómou Unplaced
United Kingdom 2002 Antzela Drousiótou Unplaced
China 2003 Stélla Stylianoú Unplaced
China 2004 Konstantína Euripídou Unplaced Top Model (Top 20)
China 2005 Orthodoxia Moutsouri* Unplaced
Poland 2006 Elli Manoli Unplaced
China 2007 Dora Anastasiou Unplaced Best Talent (Top 18)
South Africa 2008 Mari Vasiliou* Unplaced
South Africa 2009 Chrystalla Tsialli Unplaced
China 2010 Andrea Kkolou* Unplaced Best Talent (Top 15)
United Kingdom 2011 Orthodoxia Panagi Unplaced Beauty with A Purpose (Top 77)
China 2012 Georgia Georgiou Unplaced Beach Fashion (Top 40)
Indonesia 2013 Kristi-Mari Agapiou* Unplaced Top Model (Top 10)
United Kingdom 2014 Ioanna Fillipou Unplaced
China 2015 Rafaéla Charalámpous TBA
  • (*) 2013: Kristi-Mari Agapiou was appointed to represent Cyprus at the Miss World pageant. She was the 2nd Runner-up of Star Kypros 2011.
  • (*) 2010: Andrea Kkolou was appointed to represent Cyprus at the Miss World pageant. She was the 2nd Runner-up of Star Kypros 2009.
  • (*) 2008: Mari Vasiliou was appointed to represent Cyprus at the Miss World pageant. She was the 3rd Runner-up of Star Kypros 2008.
  • (*) 2005: Orthodoxia Moutsouri was designated to be "Miss World Cyprus 2005" by Star Kypros Organization.

Representatives at Miss International[edit]

Cyprus was debuted at the Miss International pageant in 1995. The 3rd Runner-up of Star Kypros or called as Miss Mediterranean represents her country at the Miss International pageant. On occasion, when the position does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a contestant is sent. Since 2007, in unknown reasons, the Miss Mediterranean did not compete at the pageants excluded in 2008 and 2012 in appointing by Star Kypros Organization.

Year Miss Cyprus Placement Special Awards
Japan 2000 Nikoletta Violari Top 10
Japan 2001 Maria Chatzivasiliou Unplaced
Japan 2002 Nikol Stylianou Unplaced
Japan 2003 Maria Pelekanou Unplaced
China 2004 Dimitra Mouski Unplaced
Japan 2005 Charis Dimitriou Unplaced
Japan 2006 Elena Georgiou Unplaced

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