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Miss Earth Liberia
Motto Beauties for a Cause
Formation 2006
Type Beauty Pageant
Headquarters Monrovia
Miss Earth
Official language
National Director
Andy A. Abulime

Miss Earth Liberia is the official title given to Liberia's delegate to the Miss Earth pageant. The pageant focuses mainly on promoting environmental causes and winners are chosen equally on their physical attributes as well as their understanding and knowledge of the issues affecting the earth.


In 2005, the Miss Earth Liberia franchise was obtained by Beauties of Africa Inc, owned by Mr. Andy A. Abulime. However, the first year Liberia sent a representative to Miss Earth was in 2006 with Rachel Bidmia Njinimbam as the first Miss Earth Liberia titleholder and competed in Miss Earth 2006.[1] Njinimbam founded The Alpha Omega Children's Foundation in 2007 to benefit Liberian orphans.[2]

In 2008, Liberia was represented in Miss Earth 2008 by Marit Woods, the daughter of Samuel Kofi Woods, a lifelong Liberian Human Rights Advocate and also Liberia’s Labor Ministry.[3][4]


The following are the names of the annual titleholders of Miss Earth Liberia, listed according to the year in which they participated in Miss Earth:[5]

Year Miss Earth Liberia Placement
2006 Rachel Bidmia Njinimbam[6] Unplaced
2007 Telena J'Garmonu Cassell[7] Unplaced
2008 Marit Gayduo Woods[8][9] Unplaced

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