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Miss Earth USA
Formation2005; 18 years ago (2005)
TypeBeauty pageant
HeadquartersWashington, D.C.
  • United States
Miss Earth
Official language
National Director
Laura Clark (2016-present)

Miss Earth USA (formerly Miss Earth United States) is an annual beauty pageant which selects the United States representative to Miss Earth which is an annual international beauty pageant promoting environmental awareness.[1][2][3]

The current Miss Earth USA is Danielle Mullins from Kentucky. Mullins was crowned on January 7, 2023, by the Miss Earth USA 2022, Brielle Simmons from Connecticut at the Orange County Convention Center's Linda Chapin Theater in Orlando, Florida.

In January 2016, owners of Miss Earth, Carousel Productions, Inc., announced, through their official Facebook fan page, that the Miss Earth USA program would be managed by U.S. Earth Productions/Beauty Beyond Borders, Inc. under the leadership of national director Laura Clark.

In August 2018, the current organization announced it would be changing its name to Miss Earth USA.[4]


2001-2004: Ms. America International[edit]

From 2001 to 2005 participants were selected by the Ms. America International pageant where the prize was to represent the United States at the Miss Earth Pageant.[citation needed] The very first American delegate for Miss Earth was Abigail Royce[5] of California. She competed in 2001 where she landed as one of the Top 10 semifinalists.[6][7]

2005-2015: Earth Pageant Productions[edit]

In 2005, Earth Pageant Productions acquired the rights to run Miss Earth USA, in which the winner would go on to Miss Earth.[citation needed] The pageant adopted the slogan "Continuing the Legacy of Beauty and Responsibility". The pageant focused mainly on promoting environmental causes and the winners were chosen equally on their physical attributes as well as their understanding and knowledge of the issues affecting the Earth.[8][9][10] Miss Teen Earth USA was added in 2008, and was held in conjunction with the Miss Earth USA.[citation needed]

2016-Present: U.S. Earth Productions/Beauty Beyond Borders, Inc.[edit]

The US Earth Productions/Beauty Beyond Borders, Inc. is the current organization that owns and has runs Miss Earth USA since 2016. The organization is based in Washington, D.C.[11]

National Competition[edit]

Pre-pageant events take place over a one-week period and include community service work within the host location. Delegates are scored in the following areas: judges' interview, evening gown, swimwear, a Think Global, Act Local environmental project,[12] runway, photogenic, media interview, and social media presence and engagement. In 2023 the current prize value for the top national titleholder for Miss Earth USA was valued at over $100,000 from prize awards, endorsements, and travel.[13]

State & Regional Competitions[edit]

Every year, states hold a preliminary competition to choose their delegate for the Miss Earth USA pageant. Delegates may be appointed state or regional titles if a state pageant is not offered in their area. The state/regional winners hold the title "Miss (State/Region) Earth USA" for the year of their reign.

State contestants are judged equally in the following categories: community service, gown, interview, photogenic, and swimwear.

The U.S. Earth Productions/Beauty Beyond Borders, Inc. organization awards directorships to pageant directors, who in some cases are responsible for more than one state or a region of the United States.

Currently, the Miss Earth USA organization does allow contestants to re-compete at the national pageant in the same division under the previous state title held, or a regional title, if a state title has already been awarded or appointed.

Performance at Miss Earth[edit]

In 2020, Lindsey Coffey is the first U.S. representative to win Miss Earth during their 20th anniversary. Marisa Butler, Miss Earth USA 2021, Emanii Davis, Miss Earth USA 2019, and Andrea Neu, Miss Earth USA 2014, placed first-runner up as Miss Earth - Air in their respective years competing at Miss Earth.[14][15]

Results Summary[edit]

Placements in Miss Earth[edit]

Miss Earth USA holds a record of 13 placements at Miss Earth, third overall behind Miss Philippines Earth, and Miss Earth Venezuela.

  • Miss Earth: Lindsey Coffey (2020)
  • Miss Earth Air (1st Runner-up): Andrea Neu (2014), Emanii Davis (2019), Marisa Butler (2021)
  • Miss Earth Water (2nd Runner-up): Brittany Payne (2015)
  • Miss Earth Fire (3rd Runner-up): Corrin Stellakis (2016)
  • Top 8: Amanda Kimmel (2005), Siria Bojorquez (2012)
  • Top 10: Abigail Royce (2001)
  • Top 14/16: Amanda Pennekamp (2006), Jana Murrell (2008), Danielle Bounds (2010), Nicolle Velez (2013), Andrea Gibau (2017)


The following is a list of all Miss Earth USA winners and elemental court during their year of crowning.

Edition Host City Miss Earth USA Miss Earth USA - Air Miss Earth USA - Water Miss Earth USA - Fire Miss Earth USA - Eco
2023 Orlando, Florida Danielle Mullins[16]
Shawna Melvin
Natalia Aldarondo
Angel Strong
Gracie Pfaff
2022 Orlando, Florida Natalia Salmon
 Pennsylvania (Dethroned)
Brielle Simmons
 Connecticut (Assumed)
Faith Porter
 District of Columbia
Original title for Brielle Simmons

Hannah Welborn-Lewis
 North Carolina
Emma Loney
2021 Orlando, Florida Marisa Butler
Alyssa Klinzing
Alyssa Magalong
Kennedy Thomas
C'yana Denby
2020 Virtual Pageant Lindsey Coffey
 United States Atlantic Ocean
Shannon Lynch
 District of Columbia
Autumn Adams
Leighanna Kingvalsky
Alexandra Curtis
 Rhode Island
2019 Las Vegas, Nevada Emanii Davis
Libby Hill
 United StatesGulf Coast
Mia Jones
Francie Evans
 South Carolina
Kirstin Bangs
 California (Resigned)
Nicolette Templier
 New York (Assumed)
2018 Alexandria, Virginia Yashvi Aware
 United StatesMid-Atlantic
Kailey Parker
Yvette Vaughn
Natalia Aldarondo
 Puerto Rico
April Maroshick
 New York
2017 Alexandria, Virginia Andreia Gibau
Ashley Wade
 District of Columbia
Yvette Vaughn
 United StatesNorthwest
Sydney Wharton
2016 Alexandria, Virginia Corrin Stellakis
 New York
Mae-Ann Webb
 South Carolina
Devin Boyd
Kesha Clark
 United StatesSouthwest
2015 Ontario, California Brittany Ann Payne
Cece Campos
 California Southern California
Maria Manzo
 Florida Grand Florida
Maicie Clark
Elizabeth Tran
2014 Andrea Neu
Eli Reyes
Candie Herrera Cece Campos
 California Southern California
Daryanne Lees
 Puerto Rico
2013 Honolulu, Hawaii Nicolle Velez
 New York Empire State
Edita Jurisic
Eli Reyes
Lucie Poehere Wilson
Emily Miller
 South Dakota
2012 Charlotte, North Carolina Siria Bojorquez
 Texas Lone Star State
 Illinois  California  Pennsylvania  Missouri
2011 Daytona Beach, Florida Nicole Kelley

Miss Earth USA representatives to the Miss Earth pageant[edit]

This is a list of women who have represented United States at the Miss Earth pageant:

Color key
  •   Declared as Winner
  •   Ended as Runner-up
  •   Ended as one of the Finalists, Semi-finalists or Quarter-finalists
Year Name Age[a] State Represented Hometown Placement at Miss Earth Medals & Awards at Miss Earth Notes
2001 Abigail Royce 25  California San Diego Top 10 1st Runner-up at Miss World USA 2000.
2002 Casey Marie Burns 21  California Long Beach Unplaced
2003 Jessica Schilling† 19  California Palm Springs Unplaced
2004 Stephanie Brownell 20  California Riverside Unplaced Miss Friendship.
2005 Amanda Kimmel 21  Montana Billings Top 8 Miss Montana USA 2005.
2006 Amanda Pennekamp 25  South Carolina Columbia Top 16 Miss South Carolina USA 2004, 1st Runner-up at Miss USA 2004.
2007 Lisa Forbes 26  Kansas Overland Park Unplaced Miss Kansas USA 2004.
2008 Jana Murrell 26  Nebraska Omaha Top 16 Miss Nebraska USA 2005.
2009 Amy Diaz 25  Rhode Island Providence Unplaced Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 2001; Miss Rhode Island USA 2008, Top 15 at Miss USA 2008.
2010 Danielle Bounds 26  Missouri Kansas City Top 14
2011 Nicole Kelley 22  Florida Palm Coast Unplaced
2012 Siria Bojorquez 19  Texas El Paso Top 8 2nd place, silver medalist(s) Best Swimsuit (Group)
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Trivia Challenge (Group)
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Best Participation
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Darling of the Press
2013 Nicolle Velez 22  New York New York City Top 16 1st place, gold medalist(s) Best School Tour Teachers (Group)
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Miss Friendship (Group)
2014 Andrea Neu 24  Colorado Pueblo 1st Runner-up
(Miss Earth-Air)
1st place, gold medalist(s) Best Resort Wear (Group)
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Best Swimsuit
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Best Teacher (Group)
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Best Evening Gown (Group)
Miss U.S. International 2013, Top 15 at Miss International 2013.
2015 Brittany Ann Payne 23  California Tehachapi 2nd Runner-up
(Miss Earth-Water)
1st place, gold medalist(s) Charity Givers;
Best Eco Video and Most Cheerful.
2016 Corrin Stellakis 19  New York Bridgeport 3rd Runner-up
(Miss Earth-Fire)
1st place, gold medalist(s) Best Swimsuit (Group)
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Darling of the Press;
Hannah's Best Swimsuit and 1st Runner-up in Miss Earth-Hannah's.
Originally placed Top 8, later elevated after original Miss Earth-Fire was resigned; Miss New York Teen USA 2014; Top 12 at Miss World America 2015; Miss U.S. International 2021.
Mae-Ann Webb 25  South Carolina Ridge Spring did not compete Originally 1st Runner-up, later took over after original winner was elevated to Miss Earth-Fire.
2017 Andreia Gibau 22  Massachusetts Brockton Top 16 2nd place, silver medalist(s) Best Resort Wear (Group)
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Best Swimsuit (Group)
Miss New York USA 2020, Top 10 at Miss USA 2020.
2018 Yashvi Aware 25  Maryland Frederick Unplaced
2019 Emanii Davis 25  Georgia Griffin 1st Runner-up
(Miss Earth-Air)
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Best Evening Gown (Group);
Best Futuristic Filipiniaña, Best Designer and Host Lion Legazpi Oriental.
Miss Georgia USA 2016, 2nd Runner-up at Miss USA 2016; 3rd Runner-up at Miss World America 2017.
Libby Hill 28  Texas Houston did not compete Originally 1st Runner-up, later took over after original winner won Miss Earth-Air.
2020 Lindsey Coffey 28  Pennsylvania Centerville Miss Earth 2020 1st place, gold medalist(s) Best Evening Gown (Group)
1st place, gold medalist(s) Best Talent in Sing (Group)
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Best Swimsuit (Group)
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Best Resort Wear (Group)
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Best Sportwear (Group)
2021 Marisa Butler 27  Maine Standish 1st Runner-up
(Miss Earth-Air)
1st place, gold medalist(s) Best Talent in Sing
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Best Sportswear
Miss Maine USA 2016; Miss World America 2018, Top 30 at Miss World 2018.
2022 Natalia Salmon 23  Pennsylvania Effort did not compete Later was replaced by 2nd Runner-up for unknown resons.
Brielle Simmons 20  Connecticut Fort Washington Unplaced Best Fauna Outfit (Americas)
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Beach Wear Competition (Water Group)
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Long Gown Competition (Water Gorup)
Originally 2nd Runner-up, later took over after original winner was dethroned.
2023 Danielle Mullins 25  Kentucky Louisville TBA


  • † Now deceased

By number of states[edit]

States Titles Years
 California 5 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2015
 Pennsylvania 2 2020, 2022[b]
 Texas 2012, 2019[b]
 New York 2013, 2016
 South Carolina 2006, 2016[b]
 Kentucky 1 2023
 Connecticut 2022
 Maine 2021
 Georgia 2019
 Maryland 2018
 Massachusetts 2017
 Colorado 2014
 Florida 2011
 Missouri 2010
 Rhode Island 2009
 Nebraska 2008
 Kansas 2007
 Montana 2005
  1. ^ Age when competed at Miss Earth
  2. ^ a b c Took over or held the title for a brief period of time after the original winner won or elevated to Miss Earth's runner-up, and thus did not compete at Miss Earth.

Winners' gallery[edit]

Additional Miss Earth USA Divisions[edit]

The current Miss Earth USA program requires contestants be ages 18–26 as of January 1 of the competition year. U.S. Earth Productions/Beauty Beyond Borders, Inc. offers three additional divisions supporting Miss Earth USA. The winners of the additional divisions for ages 14–18 (Teen) and 21-59 (Mrs.) go on to compete at international competitions. Previously the program had an Elite Miss division for ages 26–38, but it was discontinued in 2022. All delegates are never married (excluding Mrs.), never had children (excluding Mrs.), natural born female, and U.S. citizens.[17] Together, these delegates make up Miss Earth USA system and bring awareness to environmental concerns while celebrating talents in modeling, fashion, and public speaking.[18]


The following is a list of all Miss Earth USA supporting division titleholders.

Supporting Divisions for Miss Earth USA
Edition Teen Miss Earth USA State Mrs. USA State Elite Miss Earth USA State
2023 Tayan Stansfield  Kentucky Ann Pennington  New Jersey
2022 Presley Patrick  Pennsylvania Christine Rich  Delaware
2021 Katia Gerry  California California Meredith Pope  Alabama Alabama Nalicia Ramdyal  New York
2020 Sally Dorrell  West Virginia
2019 Sydni Terradot  Louisiana Shelby Williams Dixon  North Carolina Celine Pelofi  Florida
2018 Payton Stockman  United States Gulf Coast Brandi Jarvis Ibos  Mississippi Keyace Sims  United States Gulf Coast
2017 Leslie Jackson  Maryland Division established in 2018[19]
2016 Sarah Levandowski  Texas
2015 Alyssa Klinzing  Kansas Vincenza Carrieri-Russo  Delaware


  • 2022: Presley Patrick previously represented Pennsylvania at Teen Miss Earth USA 2021, placing 2nd runner-up.
  • 2022: Christine Rich previously represented Maryland at Mrs. USA Earth 2021 and 2019, placing 2nd and 3rd runner-up and Delaware at Mrs. USA Earth 2018, placing 1st runner-up. Christine was previously Mrs. Delaware America 2013, Mrs. Delaware United States 2015, placing top 15 at Mrs. United States, and Mrs. Delaware Galaxy 2018, placing 2nd runner-up at Mrs. Galaxy International.
  • 2019: Celine Pelofi was previously Ms. United States 2015 representing Florida.
  • 2018: Brandi Jarvis Ibos previously represented Mississippi at Miss Earth United States 2016, placing Top 10.
  • 2018: Payton Stockman previously represented Florida at Teen Miss Earth United States 2017, placing 1st Runner-Up and earned the swim award.
  • 2015: Alyssa Klinzing was previously Miss Kansas Teen USA 2013, placing Top 16 at Miss Teen USA 2013 and later Miss Kansas USA 2019, placing Top 10 at Miss USA 2019.
  • 2015: Vincenza Carrieri-Russo was previously Miss Delaware USA 2008 and Miss Delaware United States 2014, placing 2nd-Runner Up at Miss United States 2014.[20]


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