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For the speedboats of this name, see Miss England (speedboat).
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Miss England
Formation 1928
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters London
Miss World
Official language
Website www.missengland.info
Laura Coleman, Miss England 2008

Miss England is a national Beauty pageant in England.


The contest, title owned by the Miss World organisation is organised each year by Angie Beasley,[citation needed] a winner of 25 beauty contests in the 1980s and has organised beauty pageants around the country on behalf of Miss World, including Miss United Kingdom, Mr UK, Miss England, Miss Scotland and Miss Wales.

The contest often attracts celebrity judges at local and national finals. Many celebrities have also judged the regional heats for the competition around the country including top glamour model Jordan, who joined the judging panel for Miss Sussex.

The Miss England competition is promoted to thousands of women around England in local media by a series of area heats held around the country.

News of the World & "Take a Break" magazine have previously sponsored contestants over the years, writing features on contestants and used the winners on the front covers. Various newspapers, including the Daily Mirror, The Times, The Daily Mail and various magazines including Teen Vogue in New York and Hello! have carried stories on local and national winners.

The winner of the Miss England competition, along with the winners of Miss Northern Ireland, Miss Scotland and Miss Wales, can compete in Miss World. The highest ranking competitor of the four constituent country entrants is then presented with the title and crown of Miss United Kingdom.

The 2008 contest became notable for featuring a plus-size model, Chloe Marshall and an active-duty member of the British Army, Katrina Hodge, both firsts for the pageant.[1]

Since the pageant's inception of more than 50 years ago, no title holder had gone on to win any international contest. However several Miss England contestants had almost clinched an international crown for England, placing in the 1st runner up position for five times; once in Miss Universe, and twice each in Miss World (as Miss United Kingdom) and Miss Europe.

The 2011 event was won by Alize Mounter who was classed as Miss Everymodel, she was the favourite to win the competition [2] since the line up was announced, runner up was Miss London Rissikat Bade. At the Miss World final, Alize won Miss World Europe and finished as 3rd runner up, making her the most successful English entrant at Miss World since 1992. The same thing would happen later, when Carina Tyrrell represented England at Miss World 2014


From 1928 to 1936[edit]

Year Miss England
1936 Laurence Atkins
1935 Muriel Oxford
1934 June Lammas
1933 Angela Ward
1932 Gwen Stallard
1931 Bettie Mason
1930 Marjorie Ross
1929 Benny Dick
1928 Nonni Shields

From 1953 to 1990[edit]

After winning the title of Miss England, winners would participate in Miss Universe, followed by the occasional Miss Europe, and finally Miss United Kingdom. In the event whereby a Miss England won the title of Miss United Kingdom, she would represent the United Kingdom in the Miss World pageant.

Year Miss England City Represented Miss Universe Placement Special awards Notes
1990 Carla Barrow Unplaced
1989 Racquel Jory Unplaced Miss United Kingdom 1989 (1st Runner-up)
Miss Europe 1991 (Unplaced)
1988 Tracey Williams Unplaced Miss Photogenic
1987 Yvette Dawn Livesey West Yorkshire Unplaced
1986 Joanne Sedgley Newquay Unplaced Miss United Kingdom 1986 (1st Runner-up)
1985 Helen Westlake London Unplaced Miss United Kingdom 1985 (Top 15)
1984 Louise Gray Sheffield Unplaced Miss United Kingdom 1984 (Top 7)
1983 Karen Lesley Moore Southsea 4th Runner-up Miss United Kingdom 1983 (1st Runner-up)
Miss Europe 1984 (Top 10)
Miss International 1984 (Top 15)
1982 Della Frances Dolan Grimsby Top 12 Miss United Kingdom 1982 (Winner)
Miss World 1982 (2nd Runner-up)
1981 Suzanne Hughes Manchester Miss United Kingdom 1981 (Top 7)
1980 Julie Duckworth Blackpool Unplaced Miss United Kingdom 1982 (2nd Runner-up)
1979 Carolyn Ann Seaward Yelverton, Devon 2nd runner-up Miss Photogenic Miss United Kingdom 1979 (Winner)
Miss World 1979 (1st Runner-up)
1978 Beverley Isherwood Manchester Unplaced Miss Europe 1978 (Unplaced)
Miss United Kingdom 1978 (2nd Runner-up)
1977 Sarah Louise Long Bristol Unplaced Miss Europe 1978 (2nd Runner-up)
Miss United Kingdom 1978 (2nd Runner-up)
1976 Pauline Davies Manchester Top 12 Miss Photogenic Miss Europe 1976 (Unplaced)
1975 Vicki Harris London Top 12 Miss United Kingdom 1975 (Winner)
Miss World 1975 (2nd Runner-up)
1974 Kathleen Ann Celeste Anders Rochdale Top 12 Miss Europe 1974 (4th Runner-up)
Miss United Kingdom 1974 (1st Runner-up)
1973 Veronica Ann Cross London Unplaced Miss United Kingdom 1973 (Winner)
Miss World 1973 (6th Runner-up)
1972 Jennifer Mary McAdam London 4th Runner-up Miss Europe 1972 (4th Runner-up)
Miss United Kingdom 1972 (Winner)
Miss World 1972 (6th Runner-up)
1971 Marilyn Ann Ward New Milton Top 12 Miss United Kingdom 1971 (Winner)
Miss World 1971 (1st Runner-up)
1970 Yvonne Anne Ormes Nantwich Unplaced Miss United Kingdom 1970 (Winner)
Miss World 1970 (6th Runner-up)
1969 Myra Van Heck Unplaced (Posed for Playboy's April 1970 edition)
1968 Jennifer Lowe Summers Manchester Top 15 Miss United Kingdom 1966 (Winner)
Miss World 1966 (Top 15)
Miss Europe 1968 (Unplaced)
1967 Jennifer Lynn Lewis Leicester 2nd Runner-up Miss Europe 1967 (Unplaced)
Miss United Kingdom 1967 (Winner)

Miss World 1967 (4th Runner-up)
1966 Janice Carol Whiteman Top 15 Miss Europe 1966 (Unplaced)
1965 Jennifer Warren Gurley Unplaced Miss Europe 1965 (Unplaced)
1964 Brenda Blacker 1st Runner-up (Highest placement for England at Miss Universe)
Miss Europe 1964 (Unplaced)
1963 Susan Pratt Withdrawn (Met with an auto accident on the first night in Miami where the Miss Universe 1963 was held and was seated on a chair on the stage on the final night)
Miss Europe 1963 (Unplaced)
1962 Kim Carlton Top 15 Miss Photogenic
Best National Costume
Miss Europe 1962 (Unplaced)
1961 Arlette Dobson 3rd Runner-up Miss Europe 1961 (1st Runner-up)
1960 Joan Ellinor Boardman Top 15 Miss Europe 1960 (Unplaced)
1959 Pamela Ann Searle 3rd Runner-up Miss Photogenic
1958 Dorothy Hazeldine Unplaced Miss Europe 1958 (Unplaced)
1957 Joanne Sedgley 2nd Runner-up Miss Europe 1957 (4th Runner-up)
1956 Iris Alice Kathleen Waller 3rd Runner-up Miss United Kingdom 1956 (Winner)
Miss World 1956 (Unplaced)
1955 Margaret Rowe Top 15 Most Popular Girl in Parade Miss Europe 1955 (4th Runner-up)
1954 Marlene Ann Dee Miss World 1951 (Unplaced) (Under the banner of Britain)
Miss World 1952 (Unplaced) (Under the banner of Britain)
Miss Europe 1953 (1st Runner-up)

From 2000 to Present[edit]

Since 2000, winners of Miss England have been competing in the Miss World pageant.

Year Miss England City Represented Miss World Placement Notes
2015 Natasha Hemmings Cheshire Unplaced Top 13 at Miss World Talent
2014 Carina Tyrrell Cambridge Top 5 (4th Place) Top 10 at Beauty with a Purpose
Top 14 at Interview Scores
Top 5 at Multimedia
Top 32 at Miss World Sport
2nd Runner-up at World Fashion Designer Dress
2013 Kirsty Heslewood London Top 10 (9th Place) Top 33 at Balinese Beach Fabric
Top 10 at Beauty with a Purpose
Top 11 at Interview Scores
Top 20 at Miss World Sport
Top 10 at Miss World Top Model
2012 Charlotte Holmes Devon Top 15 Top 10 at Beauty with a Purpose
Top 16 at Interview Scores
Top 24 at Miss World Sport
Top 46 at Miss World Top Model
2011 Alize Lily Mounter London Top 7 (4th Place) Miss World Beach Beauty
Top 20 at Beauty with a Purpose
Miss World Europe
4th Runner-up at Miss World Top Model
2010 Jessica Linley Nottingham Unplaced
2009 Katrina Hodge Royal Tunbridge Wells Unplaced
Rachel Christie London (Resigned)
2008 Laura Coleman Derby Unplaced
2007 Georgia Horsley York Unplaced Top 18 at Miss World Talent
2006 Eleanor Glynn Oxford Unplaced
2005 Hammasa Kohistani London Unplaced
2004 Danielle Lloyd Liverpool Unplaced
2003 Jackie Turner Poole Unplaced
2002 Danielle Luan Oxford Unplaced
2001 Sally Kettle Leicester Unplaced
2000 Michelle Walker Liverpool Unplaced

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