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Miss Gibraltar
Miss Gibraltar logo.png
Logo of the Miss Gibraltar event
Formation 1959
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Gibraltar
Miss World
Miss International
Miss Supranational
Official language
Website MissGibraltar.gi

Miss Gibraltar is a national beauty pageant in Gibraltar.


The first Miss Gibraltar pageant was held in 1959, however, it did not resume until 1964. The winner represents her nation at Miss World annually.[1]


Miss Gibraltar 2012, Jessica Baldachino at the Gibraltar Day in London
Year Miss Gibraltar Notes
1959 Viola Abudarham
1964 Lydia Davis
1965 Rosemary Viñales
1966 Grace Valverde
1967 Laura Bassadone
1968 Sandra Sanguinetti
1969 Marliou Chiappe
1970 Carmen Gomez
1971 Lisette Chipolina
1972 Rosemary Catania
1973 Josephine Rodriguez
1974 Patricia Orfila
1975 Lilian Lara
1976 Rosemary Parody
1977 Lourdes Holmes
1978 Rosanna Bonfante
1979 Audrey Lopez
1980 Yvette Dominguez
1981 Michelle Lara
1982 Louise Gillingwater
1983 Jessica Palao
1984 Karina Hollands
1985 Gail Francis
1986 Dominique Martinez
1987 Maite Sanchez
1988 Tatiana Desoiza
1989 Audrey Gingel
1990 Sarah Yeats
1991 Ornella Costa
1992 Michelle Torres
1993 Jenifer Ainsworth
1994 Melissa Berllaque
1995 Monique Chiara
1996 Samantha Lane
1997 Rossanna Ressa
1998 Melanie Soiza
1999 Abigail Garcia
2000 Tessa Sacramento
2001 Luann Richardson
2002 Natalie Monteverde
2003 Kim Falzun
2004 Helen Gustafson
2005 Melanie Chipolina
2006 Hayley O`Brien
2007 Danielle Perez
2008 Krystle Robba
2009 Kaiane Aldorino Miss World 2009
2010 Larissa Dalli
2011 Michelle Gillingwater Pedersen
2012 Jessica Baldachino
2013 Maroua Kharbouch People's Choice award
2014 Shyanne Azzopardi
2015 Hannah Bado
2016 Kayley Mifsud

Miss Gibraltar at International pageants[edit]

Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

Representatives at Miss World[edit]

Gibraltar debut at Miss World pageant in 1959. The official candidate will be choosing also from Miss Gibraltar winner. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent.

Year Miss Gibraltar Placement Special Awards
United Kingdom 1959 Viola Abudarham Unplaced
United Kingdom 1964 Lydia Davis Unplaced
United Kingdom 1965 Rosemary Viñales Unplaced
United Kingdom 1966 Grace Valverde Unplaced
United Kingdom 1967 Laura Bassadone Unplaced
United Kingdom 1968 Sandra Sanguinetti Unplaced
United Kingdom 1969 Marliou Chiappe Unplaced
United Kingdom 1970 Carmen Gomez Unplaced
United Kingdom 1971 Lisette Chipolina Unplaced
United Kingdom 1972 Rosemary Catania Unplaced
United Kingdom 1973 Josephine Rodriguez Unplaced
United Kingdom 1974 Patricia Orfila Unplaced
United Kingdom 1975 Lilian Lara Unplaced
United Kingdom 1976 Rosemary Parody Unplaced
United Kingdom 1977 Lourdes Holmes Unplaced
United Kingdom 1978 Rosanna Bonfante Unplaced
United Kingdom 1979 Audrey Lopez Unplaced
United Kingdom 1980 Yvette Dominguez Unplaced
United Kingdom 1981 Michelle Lara Unplaced
United Kingdom 1982 Louise Gillingwater Unplaced
United Kingdom 1983 Jessica Palao Unplaced
United Kingdom 1984 Karina Hollands Unplaced
United Kingdom 1985 Gail Francis Unplaced
United Kingdom 1986 Dominique Martinez Unplaced Miss Personality
United Kingdom 1987 Maite Sanchez Unplaced
United Kingdom 1988 Tatiana Desoiza Unplaced
Hong Kong 1989 Audrey Gingel Unplaced
United Kingdom 1990 Sarah Yeats Unplaced
United States 1991 Ornella Costa Unplaced
South Africa 1992 Michelle Torres Unplaced
South Africa 1993 Jenifer Ainsworth Unplaced
South Africa 1994 Melissa Berllaque Unplaced
South Africa 1995 Monique Chiara Unplaced
India 1996 Samantha Lane Unplaced
Seychelles 1997 Rossanna Ressa Unplaced
Seychelles 1998 Melanie Soiza Unplaced
United Kingdom 1999 Abigail Garcia Unplaced
United Kingdom 2000 Tessa Sacramento Unplaced
South Africa 2001 Luann Richardson Unplaced
United Kingdom 2002 Natalie Monteverde Unplaced
China 2003 Kim Falzun Unplaced
China 2004 Helen Gustafson Unplaced
China 2005 Melanie Chipolina Unplaced
Poland 2006 Hayley O`Brien Unplaced
China 2007 Danielle Perez Unplaced
South Africa 2008 Krystle Robba Unplaced
South Africa 2009 Kaiane Aldorino Miss World 2009 Miss World Beach Beauty
China 2010 Larissa Dalli Unplaced
United Kingdom 2011 Michelle Gillingwater Pedersen Unplaced
China 2012 Jessica Baldachino Unplaced
Indonesia 2013 Maroua Kharbouch Top 6 People's Choice Award
United Kingdom 2014 Shyanne Azzopardi Unplaced
China 2015 Hannah Bado Unplaced
United States 2016 Kayley Misfud TBA

Representatives at Miss International[edit]

The 1st Runner-up of Miss Gibraltar represents her country at the Miss International pageant.

Year Miss Gibraltar Placement Special Awards
Japan 2012 Kerrianne Massetti Unplaced
Japan 2013 Jamielee Randall Top 15
Japan 2014 Kristy Torres Unplaced
Japan 2015 Bianca Pisharello Unplaced
Japan 2016 TBA TBA

Former titles[edit]

Representatives at Miss Universe[edit]

Gibraltar also competed at the Miss Universe pageant between 1981 and 1990.

Year Miss Gibraltar Placement Special Awards
United States 1981 Yvette Dominguez Unplaced
United States 1983 Louise Gillingwater Unplaced
United States 1984 Jessica Palao Unplaced Miss Congeniality
United Kingdom 1985 Karina Hollands Unplaced
Panama 1986 Gail Francis Unplaced
Taiwan 1988 Maite Sanchez Unplaced
Mexico 1989 Tatiana Desoiza Unplaced
United States 1990 Audrey Gingel Unplaced
Philippines 2016 TBA TBA

Best Result[edit]

Miss Gibraltar 2009, Miss World 2009, Kaiane Aldorino during her homecoming celebrations in Gibraltar, 17 December 2009.
Miss Gibraltar Pageant Placement
Kaiane Aldorino Miss World 2009 Winner

The 59th Miss World pageant was held on 12 December 2009 at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa. 112 contestants from all over the world competed for the crown, marking the biggest turnout in the pageant’s history. Gibraltar’s Kaiane Aldorino, aged 23, was crowned Miss World 2009. Kaiane won Miss World Beach Beauty en route to the top prize sparking off mass celebrations in Gibraltar as the population watched the event unfold live on television.

Kaiane was flown to Gibraltar from London on a private jet on 17 December where she was greeted at Gibraltar Airport by Government, family and friends. From there, Kaiane was paraded down Main Street in an open-top car (the same one used by Charles and Diana when they visited Gibraltar to embark the Royal Yacht Britannia to start their honeymoon cruise) preceded by the band of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment and then appeared at the City Hall balcony. The celebrations culminated with a fireworks display from Gibraltar Harbour.

As a tribute to Kaiane Aldorino, the Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau issued a special sheet of stamps.[2]


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