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Miss Global
MottoEmpowering Women, Embracing Cultures, and Embodying the Beauty Within
TypeBeauty pageant
HeadquartersSeattle, USA
Official language
Founder and CEO
Tea Mak

Miss Global is an annual global Beauty pageant for single women ages 18–35, the widest age range in pageantry. Contestants compete for the crown of Miss Global on an international platform. On November 17, 2017, Miss Global held its 5th anniversary pageant in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, which attracted more than 60 female contestants from 60 countries around the world. Because of her own experiences, its creator, Tea Mak, branded the organization and its mission to empower women, embrace culture, and embody the beauty within; aiming to attract and retain a diversity of women from around the world and aid in elevating each of their personal, professional, and philanthropic ambitions.


The 1st edition of Miss Global pageant was held on August 3, 2013 at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Centre in Redondo, California.[1]

Year Edition Date Venue Host country Entrants
Miss Global 2017 5th Annual November 17 Koh Pich Performing Arts Center Cambodia 60
Miss Global 2016[2] 4th Annual September 24 Philippine International Convention Center Philippines 40
Miss Global 2015 [3] 3rd Annual October 24 Newport Performing Arts Theater, Resorts World Manila Philippines 44
Miss Global 2014 [3] 2nd Annual December 19 Crown Princess, Los Angeles, California United States 21
Miss Global 2013 [4] 1st Annual August 3 Redondo Beach Performing Arts Centre, Redondo Beach, California United States 36
Miss Global 2014
Ela Mino, Canada


Year Country/Territory Winner Location
2017  Brazil Barbara Vitorelli; dismissed due to violations Phnom Penh, Cambodia
2016[5]  Ecuador Ángela Bonilla[citation needed] Manila, Philippines
2015[6]  Australia Jessica Peart[citation needed] Manila, Philippines
2014[7]  Canada Ela Mino Los Angeles, United States
2013[8]  Canada Emily Kiss Los Angeles, United States

Countries/Territories by winning the title[edit]

Country/Territory Titles Year(s)
 Canada 2 2013, 2014
 Brazil 1 2017
 Ecuador 2016
 Australia 2015

List of runners-up[edit]

Year 1st Runner-up 2nd Runner-up 3rd Runner-up 4th Runner-up
2017 The Bahamas Bahamas
Tenielle Adderley
Germany Germany
Selina Kriechbaum
Flag of Somaliland Somaliland
Ayan Said
China China
Lily Wu
2016 Philippines Philippines
Camille Jensen Hirro
Caitlynn Henry
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Nikola Bechyňová
Norway Norway
Britt Rekkedal
2015 Cambodia Cambodia
Virginia Prak
Republic of Ireland Ireland
Lorna Murphy
Bulgaria Bulgaria
Gergana Doncheva
Philippines Philippines
Mary Candice Ramos
2014  Australia
Elise Natalie Duncan
Philippines Philippines
Catherine Almirante
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Aizhan Lighg
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Benazir Thaha
2013 Armenia Armenia
Emilia Zoryan
United Kingdom Great Britain
Joanna Hill
India India
Apneet Mann
Gabon Gabon
Reine Abahala

Special Awards[edit]

2013 2014 2015
Miss Congeniality:  Russia Natasha Gulina Best in Evening Gown: Philippines Philippines Catherine Almirante Miss Photogenic:  South Africa
Miss Enterprise: India India Apneet Mann Best in National Costume: Philippines Philippines Catherine Almirante Miss Fitness: Republic of Ireland Ireland Lorna Murphy
Miss Fashion: Egypt Egypt Sarah Eissa Miss Enterprise:  Malaysia Christina Chelliah Miss Talent: Bulgaria Bulgaria Gergana Doncheva
Miss Fitness:  Australia Elizabeth Rogers Miss Fashion: Philippines Philippines Catherine Almirante Miss Fashion: Myanmar Myanmar Htet Htet Aung
Miss Photogenic: Armenia Armenia Emilia Zoryan Miss Fitness:  Australia Elise Natalie Duncan Miss Goodwill:  Canada Eden Boutilier
Miss Talent: Vietnam Vietnam Tran Khanh Miss Photogenic:  Sweden Josefine Svensson Miss Redfox: Philippines Philippines Candice Ramos
Miss Talent:  USA Miss Azumi:  England Sophie Rankin
Miss Enterprise: Guyana Guyana - Ariella Basdeo
Miss Congeniality: Taiwan Taiwan Jolie Chi
Miss New Placenta: Philippines Philippines Candice Ramos
Best in Long Gown:

1st: Japan Japan Megumi Munakata

2nd: Philippines Philippines Candice Ramos

3rd: Republic of Ireland Ireland Lorna Murphy

Best in Swimsuit:

1st: Republic of Ireland Ireland Lorna Murphy

2nd: Philippines Philippines Candice Ramos

3rd:  Colombia Luisa Millan

2016 2017
Best in National Costume:

1st: Philippines Philippines Camille Hirro

2nd:  Australia Caitlynn Henry

3rd:  Ecuador Angela Bonilla

Best in National Costume:

- Chile Chile Maria Tello Duarte

-  Thailand Sukanya Samut

- Philippines Philippines Mary Ann Mungcal

Best in Swimsuit:

1st:  Ecuador Angela Bonilla

2nd: Philippines Philippines Camille Hirro

3rd:  Australia Caitlynn Henry

Best in Swimsuit:

-  Australia Sofia Harris

- The Bahamas Bahamas Tenielle Adderley

-  Thailand Sukanya Samut

Best in Long Gown:

1st: Philippines Philippines Camille Hirro

2nd:  Ecuador Angela Bonilla

3rd:  USA Nataliya Baltsevych

Best Evening Gown:

-  Australia Sofia Harris

- Mexico Mexico Karla Penichi

- Ukraine Ukraine Viktoriya Mikhno

Darling of the Press:

1st: Philippines PhilippinesCamille Hirro

2nd:  Australia Caitlynn Henry

3rd:  Sweden Linnea Johansson

Miss Ganzberg:

- Philippines Philippines Mary Ann Mungcal

- Cambodia Cambodia Paulina Yos

- Indonesia Indonesia Cynthia Monica Rizkyawati

Miss Congeniality: Kenya Kenya Tima Keilah Miss Photogenic: Vietnam Vietnam Vindy Krejci
Miss Photogenic:  Ecuador Angela Bonilla Miss Congeniality: Democratic Republic of the Congo Congo Rebecca Bakhole
Miss Nazareth -  Sweden Linnea Johansson Miss Fitness: Lebanon Lebanon Bianca Eid
Miss Ageless Beauty:  Australia Caitlynn Henry Miss Goodwill: Bulgaria Bulgaria Elena Burbuchukova
Miss Fitness:  Iran Malikeh Razavi Miss Popularity: Indonesia Indonesia Cynthia Monica Rizkyawati
Miss Enterprise: China China Helen Zhong Miss Fashion:  Thailand Sukanya Samut
Miss Lady Grace:  Ecuador Angela Bonilla Miss Talent: Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Roja Santhakumaran
Miss Talent: Ukraine Ukraine Daryna Ilvovska Best National Beauty (Facebook votge): Cambodia Cambodia Paulina Yos
Miss Fashion: Philippines Philippines Camille Hirro

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