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The Miss Globe
Miss Globe
Miss Globe International
FounderCharlie See – 1988; 31 years ago (1988)
TypeBeauty pageant
HeadquartersAlbania - Deliart Association (The Miss Globe
Canada - Miss Globe Group Inc. (Miss Globe)
Key people
Petri Bozo (The Miss Globe)
Albert Xhaferri (Miss Globe)
WebsiteMiss Globe-based in Albania official website
Miss Globebased in Canada official website

Miss Globe is a global beauty pageant group that holds annual events.[1] Currently, Miss Globe is produced simultaneously by three various organizations claiming to be the official organizers. The Miss Globe was first known to public in 1988. In 2010, the pageant was split into three organizations. Miss Globe International, based in Turkey, is produced annually (currently inactive event) by RCA Global Entertainment Co. and organized by Rasim Aydın.[2] Miss Globe based in Albania is yearly produced by another organization, Deliart Association and produced by Petri Bozo.[3][4] In 2016, a third organizer, Miss Globe Group Inc. based in Ontario, Canada also started to organize an annual Miss Globe pageant headed by Albert Xhaferri and Dickson Ng.[5]

Currently, the Miss Globe pageant based in Albania is the recognized successor among organizations of pageant enthusiasts around the world, such as Missosology, Global Beauties, Pageanthology and The Pageantry.com.


The three Miss Globe pageants are spin-off from the original Miss Globe founded by Charlie See. Miss Globe was registered in the Bureau of Patents and Trademarks of Washington DC in 1975.[6][7]

The Miss Globe pageant was known to public in 1988, but the Miss Globe International pageant has listed its winners since 1925. In 2015, Pageantopolis and Critical Beauty exposed Miss Globe International's fictitious early years and winners from 1925-1987 and the images had been taken from the archives of the Miss Winnepausakee pageant, a preliminary to the Miss New Hampshire scholarship pageant.[8]


The following are titleholders of Miss Globe beauty contest before the pageant was split into 3 organizations in 2010, but The Miss Globe pageant based in Albania was recognized by pageant enthusiasts:

Year Country Winner Place of Pageant Number of Entrants
2014  Australia Esma Voloder Baku, Azerbaijan 53
2012  Brazil Jakelyne Oliveira Famagusta, Northern Cyprus 41
2011  Norway Nina Elisa Fjalestad Famagusta, Northern Cyprus 41
2010  Spain Yenifer Solis Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus 40
2003  Brazil Priscilla Meirelles Antalya, Turkey 78
2002  United States Jennifer Schooler Istanbul, Turkey 77
2001  Philippines Maricar Balagtas İstanbul, Turkey 76
2000  Venezuela Joan Carolina Chópite Sute Girne, Turkey 75
1999  Turkmenistan Jana Tairova Istanbul, Turkey 74
1998  Estonia Karin Laasmae Istanbul, Turkey 73
1997  Czech Republic Petra Hlavacova Istanbul, Turkey 72
1996  United States Kimberly Lawrence Istanbul, Turkey 71
1995  Finland Minna Mäki-Kala Istanbul, Turkey 70
1994  Australia Skye-Jilly Edwards Istanbul, Turkey 69
1993  Russia Polina Vikhovskaya Istanbul, Turkey 68
1992  Argentina Laura Verónica Rafael Aspendos, Turkey 67
1991  Finland Minna Kuukka Aspendos, Turkey 66
1990  Venezuela Yormery Ortega Sánchez Bursa, Turkey 65
1989   Switzerland Karina Berger Istanbul, Turkey 64
1988  Venezuela Yajaira Cristina Vera Roldan Bodrum, Turkey 63

Country/Territory by winning the title[edit]

Country/Territory Titles Year(s)
 Venezuela 4 2006, 2000, 1990, 1988
 Philippines 2 2015, 2001
 Albania 2012, 2008
 Brazil 2007, 2003
 Russia 2004, 1993
 United States 2002, 1996
 Finland 1995, 1991
 Mexico 1 2019
 China 2018
 Vietnam 2017
 India 2016
 Canada 2014
 Romania 2013
 Germany 2011
 Lithuania 2010
 Algeria 2009
 Slovenia 2005
 Turkmenistan 1999
 Estonia 1998
 Czech Republic 1997
 Australia 1994
 Argentina 1992
  Switzerland 1989

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