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Geraldine Grundy
Archie character
Miss Grundy.png
First appearance Pep Comics #30
Portrayed by Fran Ryan (Archie: To Riverdale and Back Again)
Sarah Habel (Riverdale)
Voiced by Jane Webb (The Archie Show, The U.S. of Archie)
Linda Sorenson (The New Archies)
Hometown Riverdale
Occupation Riverdale High School teacher

Miss Geraldine Grundy is a fictional character of the Archie Comics series. She has been voiced by Jane Webb and Linda Sorenson.

Fictional history and character[edit]

In the comics, she is the no nonsense homeroom teacher at Riverdale High School, occasionally teaching English and math as well. In Jackpot Comics no.4, she is referred to as "Mrs. Grundy, the principal", but this is not correct. Her name is derived from Mrs Grundy, a name that has been used to refer to a prudish woman since the early nineteenth century. Before she became a teacher, she worked at a pickle-packing plant. During World War II, she served with the WACs, outranking Mr. Weatherbee. Despite occasional grumblings from her students, they seem to genuinely like and admire her. She, in return, tends to drive them hard, pushing Archie Andrews and Moose Mason in particular, but remains quite fond of her students.

First name[edit]

Her first name is most often given as Geraldine. However, at least once, another staff member called her "Amanda".[volume & issue needed] She was also called "Alice" in at least one mainstream story.[volume & issue needed] In Archie's Double Digest (#41), she was revealed to be an alumna herself of Riverdale High School, and had run for class president, in a joke about the need to clean off the bulletin board. Her forename was given as "Elizabeth" in The Archie and Sabrina Hour, and as "Doris" in the animated series Archie's Weird Mysteries. In one story about Jughead's correct first name, it was revealed as Grunsenable.[volume & issue needed] In an earlier Archie book that listed the names of the characters, her name was also "Gertrude". Nevertheless, Geraldine remains her commonly accepted name.

Physical appearance[edit]

In older stories, she was bald and wore a white wig, which fell off frequently, embarrassing her greatly. However, this has not been referenced for a long time and it can be assumed that this idea has been retired and that she has real hair now.[weasel words] Ever since her introduction, her nose has been identical in appearance to Jughead Jones' nose, and her figure just as slim as his. In one comic strip, Jughead is ordered to try on a wedding dress meant for Miss Grundy since their figures look alike. She is one of the few females that Jughead likes outside of his family.

Alternate versions[edit]

In Life with Archie's current dramatic storylines, Miss Grundy realized how much she loved Mr. Weatherbee, and the two finally married. However, in this alternative future, she died from kidney disease not long afterward, leaving Weatherbee a broken-hearted widower.