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Miss Hill School, also known as Miss Hill Higher Secondary School, is a private school situated in Gwalior, India. It was started as a girls' school in the early 1900s by Miss Agnes G. Hill, a Canadian Presbyterian missionary. By the 1950s the school became co-educational because of demand from the public.

The school expanded much during the 1960s, and attracted a large number of dedicated teachers, motivated by the prevailing post-independence idealism. They introduced many changes, extra curricular activities, sports and games, in addition to their stress on quality of education. This brought in the first golden period of the school.

Teachers who led this first round of excellence included Dr. Kamal Vashistha, DN Saxena, Mrs. Shakuntala Duggal, etc. Other notable teachers include Mrs. Judson, Miss Lawrence, Sandhya Sharma, Mrs Edibom, Mrs Deshpande, Miss Jwardar, Mahadevi Gupta, Miss Mishra, Leela Natrajan, Vijay Manke, Vijaya Surange, MK Adil, Miss H. Telang, Sameer Rathore, Prasad Joshi and Chandra Prakash Mittal, Rahul Kolhe, S. P. Singh, Sagar Hanvante, Soni Mam, Mr Gautam Guha, Manju Sharma, Geeta Bajaj and others.

This school has become number one in Gwalior for students joining professional courses like engineering and medicine and management. This School Produced Thousands of Scholars, Toppers etc.

Coordinates: 26°12′48″N 78°10′33″E / 26.21333°N 78.17583°E / 26.21333; 78.17583