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Miss Jamaica Universe
Formation 1963
Type Beauty Pageant
Headquarters Kingston
Miss Universe
Official language
Uzuri International
Karl Williams
Website Official website

The Miss Jamaica Universe is a beauty pageant that selects the contestant to represent Jamaica at the Miss Universe beauty pageant.


Miss Jamaica Universe pageant first started in 1982 by Ed Wallace to select the official representative which was won by Nancy Martin to the Miss Universe pageant however she did not compete in the international contest. The contest was then held again from 1986 to 1988 and in 1989, Pulse was asked to host the Jamaica preliminary to Miss Universe. They went on to post an outstanding record, producing 4 top 10 finalists (Sandra Foster, Kimberley Mais, Nicole Haughton and Christine Straw) at the international Pageant.[1] The pageant was then promoted by Invyte Promotions (2010-2011), hotelier Dimitris Kosvogiannis (2012) and in 2013, Uzuri International became the new Miss Universe Jamaica franchise owner.[2]

In addition to securing the usual partnerships to effectively execute the Miss Universe Jamaica pageant, prepare and manage the title holder for local and international representation, Uzuri International also plans to develop, expose and partner with young and emerging fashion design, costume design and entertainment talent and showcase these talents as an integral component of the pageant.

Uzuri International[edit]

Uzuri International is a couture fashion design brand that was officially incorporated in 1998 and has won numerous international awards in the beauty and fashion industry. The brand has been showcased on all continents through fashion shows and numerous international beauty pageants. The designers, Karl Williams and Mark McDermoth were declared Caribbean Fashion Masters by Pulse Limited and they were invited to Miss World 2008 in Johannesburg South Africa to provide specially designed dresses for all 112 contestants in a post opening segment –a first for any Caribbean based design brand. And Global Beauties declared the evening gown they designed for Yendi Phillips in Miss World 2007 as "the Most Beautiful" in all international pageants that year. Uzuri International, Fashioning The World With Style.[3]


Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

The winner of Miss Jamaica represents her country at Miss Universe. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent.

Year Miss Jamaica Hometown Placement Special Awards
Belize 2016 TBA TBA TBA
United States 2015 Sharlene Rädlein Kingston Unplaced
United States 2014 Kaci Fennell Kingston 4th Runner-up
Russia 2013 Kerrie Baylis[4] Kingston Unplaced
United States 2012 Chantal Zaky[5] Port Antonio Unplaced
Brazil 2011 Shakira Martin Kingston Unplaced
United States 2010 Yendi Phillips[6] Kingston 1st Runner-up
The Bahamas 2009 Carolyn Yapp[7] Montego Bay Unplaced
Vietnam 2008 April Jackson[8] Kingston Unplaced
Mexico 2007 Zahra Redwood[9] Kingston Unplaced
United States 2006 Cindy Wright[10] Kingston Unplaced
Thailand 2005 Raquel Wright[11] Kingston Unplaced
Ecuador 2004 Christine Straw[12][13] Kingston Top 10 Finalist
Panama 2003 Michelle Lecky[14] Montego Bay Unplaced
Puerto Rico 2002 Sanya Hughes Kingston Unplaced
Puerto Rico 2001 Zahra Burton Kingston Unplaced
Cyprus 2000 Saphire Longmore May Pen Unplaced
Trinidad and Tobago 1999 Nicole Haughton Kingston Top 10 Semi-finalist
United States 1998 Shani McGraham Kingston Unplaced
United States 1997 Nadine Thomas Bog Walk Unplaced
United States 1996 Trudi-Ann Ferguson Kingston Unplaced
Namibia 1995 Justine Willoughby Kingston Unplaced
Philippines 1994 Angelie Martin Montego Bay Unplaced
Mexico 1993 Rachel Stuart Kingston Unplaced
Thailand 1992 Bridgette Rhoden Kingston Unplaced
United States 1991 Kimberly Mais Kingston Top 6 Finalist (4th)
United States 1990 Michelle Hall Kingston Unplaced
Mexico 1989 Sandra Foster Kingston Top 10 Semi-finalist
Taiwan 1988 Leota Suah Kingston Unplaced
Singapore 1987 Janice Sewell Kingston Unplaced
Panama 1986 Liliana Cisneros Kingston Unplaced
Peru 1982 Nancy Martin Kingston Did not compete
United States 1963 Marguerite LeWars Kingston Unplaced


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