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Miss Los Angeles Chinatown (Chinese: 洛杉磯華埠小姐) is a beauty pageant that selects young ladies from the greater Los Angeles area as Chinatown's ambassadors to the community. The program is sponsored by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles and the event is held annually at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel. Miss Chinatown and her court attend many events during the year, including the annual Golden Dragon New Year Parade and the Firecracker 5K/10K Run.[1][2]


The pageant was started in the early 1960s. In addition to the queen, four princesses are chosen each year. In previous years, there were also a Miss Firecracker, Miss Personality, Miss Friendship, Miss Teen Chinatown, and Miss Chinese New Year.


Eligibility of Applicants:

  1. Chinese female, between the ages of 18 to 26
  2. Single, never been married, never been pregnant
  3. Completed high school education
  4. 25% Chinese ancestry
  5. U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent resident
  6. Resident of the Greater Los Angeles area

List of Winners[edit]

Year Miss Los Angeles Chinatown 洛杉磯華埠小姐冠軍
1963 Chris Lee
1967 Schumarry Chao 趙曉美
1968 Virginia Lee
1969 Maresa Chan 陳嘉玲
1970 May Low 劉美芳
1971 Carole Wong 黃鳳蘭
1972 Lai Fong Wong
1973 Karen Chinn 陳歡笑
1974 Betty Kym Young
1975 Lisa Wong 黃麗詩
1976 Donna Anne Lee 李藍月
1977 Arlene Jue
1978 Lucia Hwong 黃漢淇
1979 Denise Shue 劉秀玲
1980 Jacqueline Tom Quon 方美蘭
1981 Cindy Pan
1982 Sepherteen Jew 關秋月
1983 Cynthia Gouw 吳義菊
1984 Susan P. Wan 溫惠珍
1985 Mary Chu 朱珩
1986 Judy Wang 王琬婷
1987 Sheryl Jung 朱妙蓮
1988 Lisa Chen Kwong 陳毓英
1989 Dale Wong
1990 Christina Gong
1991 Annie Liu
1992 Ada Tai
1993 Jeannie Chan Yee
1994 Cindy Fong Lai
1995 Yennis Wong 黃欣娜
1996 Emily Lau
1997 Christina Wu 吳雅婷
1998 Lisa Quon
1999 Melody Liu 劉恭顯
2000 Dana Yee 余美花
2001 Lynn Liou 劉宣麟
2002 TIffany Liu 劉蒂蒂
2003 Priscilla Tjio 蔣碧喜
2004 Heidi Woan 溫海玓
2005 Jessica Feng 馮倩
2006 Melody Cheng 程子琪
2007 Laurel Chung 鍾朗殷
2008 Sharon Ha[3] 柯彥竹
2009 Lindsay Louie[4] 雷華星
2010 Jani Wang[5] 汪敏潔
2011 Xiayi Shirley Zhang[6] 章夏怡
2012 Lauren Zhou Weinberger 周慧倫
2013 Wendy Shu 束雯
2014 Katrina Lee 李玉薇
2015 Alice Wong 黃嘉欣
2016 Li Qu 曲里
2017 Angela Liu 劉思延
2018 Catherine Liang


The pageant was broadcast on KSCI (LA18), the local Public-access television cable TV channel.

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